Why would you exactly want to use a free kitchen design software when you can just look over some glossy, fancy kitchen magazines? Because the specifications of magazine designs weren't that exactly of your home; you may fancy some of those gorgeous cabinets and could immediately order them by phone, but if it won't fit your kitchen, the result would not only be a waste of money but also an eye sore. Essentially, a free kitchen design software is all that you need to save you from the heartaches of kitchen remodeling.

Here are some of the reasons why you would want to use easy to use and free kitchen design software:

- Paperless transaction. You simply want a new cabinet, so you just sketch what you want - in a paper. Designing a kitchen with a kitchen design software allows you to not specifically decide the cabinet but also learn the exact specification that you need to buy vis-Ã -vis your wall size. A kitchen design software not only allows you to conveniently design your kitchen but also see if what you've planned looks good after all.

- Check all specs. Full kitchen remodeling not only requires a new paint: this includes the lighting, color, and furniture, among others. Any kitchen remodeling company would not recommend buying these things separately, you need to see the overall perspective before buying the whole lot. So if you're a DIY-person, your kitchen design software could just be your best tool. Available software allows you to see how the effects of changing everything, from the color of the light down to the position of the fridge, could affect how you see your new kitchen.

- See all available materials at once. One of the best things about kitchen remodeling software is that they come with catalog products that most retailers would carry in just about any store. With all these available with just a click of a mouse, you could immediately point which brand would match not your taste but also your budget.

The best thing about a kitchen design software is that it lets you adjust everything in how your kitchen would look like in the end. Gone are the days that you would have to let a remodeling team do all the talking; with a free kitchen design software you could know exactly what fixtures, flooring, and fittings your kitchen really needs.

There may be a number of free kitchen design software that you may see on the web but it may not exactly meet what you need. While Google may be the frontliner in innovating web applications, their Google SketchUP is not exactly helpful in planning your kitchen. Here's my top two free kitchen design software:

- IKEA Kitchen Planner. I personally recommend this tool. If you want to specifically determine the right furniture, appliances, tables, and even kitchen islands would truly fit your area, you would want to use the IKEA Kitchen Planner. Know exactly which IKEA product would look great in its 3D-view format and even print your very own kitchen design before heading to your furniture retailer. Of course, you are limited with IKEA products in designing your kitchen. But when it comes to quality and standards, you could be sure that what IKEA could offer you is the best of its kind.

- FloorPlanner. Personally, this is the next best thing in free kitchen design software: no downloads, intuitive, and easy-to-use. While you could not view the end result in 3D (but you can with their paid version), this tool is extremely helpful to those who are quite new with software and applications.