Is it really possible to find a free laptop for low income families in 2012? The answer is a resounding yes! Free laptops are readily available for people who can prove that they're facing some sort of hardship whether it be money, disability or any other real disadvantages. Keep in mind that these free laptops will not be brand new MacBook Pros or any other ridiculously upscale computers. All of them will most likely be used and outdated in the technology world, however, they will be able to perform simple tasks such as browsing, checking email, writing on Word, chatting and perhaps even Skyping if there is a built in video camera. You can use Google to help you with your homework and you can even create PowerPoints to generate a more exciting class presentation. In addition to all these things you can do with a laptop, having one is essential in today's world. Nowadays, nearly all non-manual jobs require you to have some computer skills. It will help you make your resume a lot more competitive. Below, I will provide some tips on how you can score free laptops for low income families in 2012. 

Find Free Computers for Low Income Families - 2012


Your first step to finding a free laptop will be to do some research. I recommend starting with the Computer Recycling Program, a non-profit organization that has helped many low income familes find free computers. In addition, to low income families, CRC also helps orphans, teachers, nonprofits and senior citizens. In order to qualify, all you need to do is send a letter, briefly detailing your background and discussing why you should receive a free computer. You should also explain what you intend to do with a free laptop. CRC receives almost all its computers from donations. In addition to helping out the less fortunate, they are also safeguarding the environment by recycling electronics that would have ended up in landfills. 


World Computer Exchange is another great nonprofit program that caters to poor, low income families. Their philosophy is that technology plus education equals potential. With that motto in mind, WCE has expanded Internet access and provided computers to developing countries to improve the standard of living and help people overcome poverty. To date, they have 2,675 computer labs connecting over 1 million children each year. They focus predominately on developing countries in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. If you are not qualified for this program, consider making a small cash donation which will be tax deductible.


The FreeCycle network is a huge nonprofit with nearly 9 million active members who donate and receive free electronics including laptops. Membership is free and the website is very easy to navigate. In order to sign up, simply hit the button on the top right corner of the website. You can either sign up through FreeCycle or Facebook. If you sign up through Facebook, the whole process will be faster and simpler. FreeCycle won't use any of your information on Facebook without your permission. After signing up, you can join a group that is located by state. The FreeCycle network is not limited to domestic borders and is very international, with participants from all over the world. 


Computers for Kids is another nonprofit that was formed in 2002 with the intention of providing low income families with computers. They receive their computers from generous donations and refurbished them so that they are ready for distribution. Each computer also comes with a software package to help guide students with their homework and schoolwork. These computers are available for nonprofits, public schools and college students. All you need to do is fill out a simple application form and wait a couple of weeks to have it approved. 

Churches and Schools that Giveaway Free Computers

Do some research on your local churches and schools. You might be surprised that there already might be a program in place to help low income families get access to laptops or computers. If you attend a church, ask the pastor or priest if there are any programs that giveaway free computers. If there is none, you can start one to help not only yourself, but everyone else in the local community. Tons and tons of computers are thrown out each year. What some people may consider garbage, can be a useful tool for others. 

How You Can Help - 2012

If you know people who are about to throw away their laptops or computers, ask them to kindly recycle them. There are many people who cannot afford to even buy the cheapest of computers and they will gladly take your old ones and make great use of it. People who donate will be able to provide free laptops for low income families and make this world a better place.