While it is nearly impossible to find a website that just gives away free laptops for students in college or high school, it is still very possible to get a hold of a notebook or netbook at little to no cost if you know where to look. There are many tricks and techniques that you can use to score a deal on free laptops for students; some of which take a decent amount of research, while others are legitimate methods that are regularly promoted and readily available to the public. You may not have even though of some of the resources and ways to get complimentary and costless notebook computers. Whether you are looking to get a notebook, tablet PC or netbook for yourself or for your kids, free laptops for students with low income might not be as hard to find as you once thought.

Free Laptops for Students

Free Laptops for Students in College

Portable computers are more popular than they ever have been in 2010 and 2011. Although a big demographic for notebooks is business, most of their appeal revolves around the younger generation, those who are in school in particular. There are many reasons why free laptops for students in college are so high in demand. For one, they are portable and very easy to carry in a bag, backpack or even just with your hands. Also, some of them have a lot of cool features surrounding media, internet capabilities, chatting with friends or doing schoolwork.

One easy way to find free laptops for students in college is to walk around your campus and commons area every now and then and look for flyers and postings on bulletin boards. These types of offers are becoming much more prevalant in our modern day and age, and both the administration and local third-party sponsors are often willing to give away free laptops for students in college because they know that notebooks are not only expensive for those with low income, but they are also quite beneficial to have in school.

There are also drawings and contests that are popping up more often on nearly every major campus across the United States. These contests will almost always have cool prizes such as free laptops. Of course, you have to enter yourself into them and win, but it's still worth a try at least. After all, you have just as good of a chance as anyone else on campus.

Free Laptops for Students in High School

It can be a lot trickier to find costless notebook computers for kids, but there are a few techniques that you might want to consider. If you are looking for free laptops for students in high school for yourself, one of the most effective ways is to try and win some raffles or contests in your area. Also, there are dozens of national contests which give away free laptops for students in high school, and they can be from all kinds of media outlets or companies from television to radio or even computer stores.

Free laptops for students in high school contests also exist on the web. There are plenty of websites that give away notebooks and portable computers at no cost for a variety of reasons. Some of them require you to fill out surveys, others are websites where you can play games and potentially win a notebook or netbook. You just have to make sure you avoid scams, because there are a lot of websites that claim they have free laptops for students when they really don't.

Sometimes companies need people to test out their products to figure out how they can improve them, or spot any bugs or problems that they may have missed. Pay close attention to commercials and newspaper ads because if you live in a large city, this is an easy way to get free laptops for students and doesn't require much effort on your part at all.

Free Laptops for Students from Government

Regardless of whether you or your children are in college or high school, free laptops for students from government grants are probably the best way to go about your search. There are two ways to go about this technique; you can either apply for a tuition grant, or you can apply for a grant for low income families.

Tuition Grant

Nowadays, portable computers and notebooks are considered by quite a number of educational facilities and campuses across America as being necessities for schoolwork. You can get free laptops for students from government if you attend a college that thinks notebooks qualify for tuition costs. It definitely helps out if you are taking classes that absolutely require a computer of some sort. Additionally, you might get lucky enough to find a granting agency that is a bit more lenient about providing free laptops for students. Some of them will pay for a lot more than just books, and include other educational supplies such as portable computers.

Grant for Low Income Families

In these bad economic times, more and more low income families are turning to grants for help with things they need. If you or your children are in high school or college, free laptops for students from government grants like these are viable options to consider. It might be difficult to convince them to qualify you on the basis that you need a notebook, but if they know you need money for educational supplies, they will probably be willing to work with you or your kids.

Free Laptops for Students with Disabilities

Complimentary portable computers can also be obtained through granting agencies in many cases. Even if you can't find any grants that you or your kids qualify for, you could always try visiting or contacting a charitable organization such as The Salvation Army or Goodwill. Children with mental or physical handicaps are more likely to qualify to receive portable computers at no cost, especially if they come from low income families. Be sure to ask around and bring the necessary documents if you choose a charity that offers free laptops for students with disabilities.

As you can see, there are several methods of finding free laptops for students. Each one is highly recommended and are nearly all reputable resources, aside from a few online scams that exist.