The Cost of Laundry Detergent

Let's face it, many people in this economy spend a lot of time searching for free laundry detergent samples.

The average bottle of laundry detergent can cost eight dollars or more, considering the size and where you shop to pick up your favorite soap powder. So you can see finding cheap detergent or even a brand offering samples can often help you stay within your grocery budget.

And though most shoppers have their favorite detergent, many would rather get coupons or better yet, free samples to help save money particularly with a large family. And it makes sense for detergent companies too, they realize these kinds of samples help build customer relationships, since most everyone loves getting things for free.

Not only can soap powder at no cost help you  stay on budget, it can also help you better determine some new detergent brands or even everyday brands you've never considered purchasing. And the truth of the matter is, there are so many detergent brands out on the market today, some include: Purex, Ajax, Arm and Hammer, Tide, Shout, Gain, Ivory just to name a few. Getting detergent for free helps you test out different laundry brands and figure out what may even be more effective for colors, whites or delicates.

 Free Coupons for Laundry Detergent

Most shoppers fail to realize that laundry detergent companies who give away samples are looking to build relationships. Did you know that most people stick with a particular brand of laundry detergent and make buying decisions often times based on childhood memories of what a parent or grandparent used.

And so when laundry detergent companies like Purex give away freebies for promotional purposes, their sole aim is to get in front of you and maybe even encourage you to buy new and different brands. Maybe even soap powder brands that outperform the ones you have close connections to today.

But really many more people just want a cheap detergent alternative, especially in a money pinch. The good news is that all sorts of brands have new promos that can provide you with detergent freebies.

 Here are a few tips: 

  • Join social networks of soap powder brands. Do some internet searches on some of your favorite brands and seek out their social network pages like Facebook and Twitter. Many of these pages will offer special promotions and free laundry detergent samples. In fact, Purex has a promotion going on right now for free laundry powder.

  • Write to your favorite brands and ask for free samples. That's right often times by just expressing your interest and love for your favorite laundry brand, you'll be able to score free soap detergent and other related samples like fabric softener and dish washing liquid.

  • Pay careful attention to in store promotions. Often times there may be new laundry promotions whereby the packaging offers a buy 1 get 1 free. If you aren't necessarily tied to a soap powder brand, you can get free laundry detergent.

So you see, it is very possible to get soap powder at no cost. We all know just how expensive shopping for these products can be and finding resources that can get you your favorite product for free can often be a welcome surprise.

 Remember, getting free laundry detergent samples doesn't have to be difficult, just remember to consult social network sites as well as in store promotions to get your discount soap powder.