Cellular phones for low income employees provided by the US government

Mobile communications technology

Free Low Income Cell PhoneIn the US they have a law in place that allows you to have access to free low income cell phones provided by the State government in your area. This means that if you are on benefits you are entitled to a mobile phone and a certain amount of free calls.

If you claim SSI, Medicaid, housing, or food stamps this means that you are entitled to it. This isn’t actually a new system but it has just been under publicised, one there is a small amount that is taken off everyone’s phone bills that goes into a special fund called lifeline. It is this fund that enables families of a low income to have access to a phone.

The scheme was launched in 1984 and was primarily for the installation of a landline at home; later mobile phones were added but were very limited due to the price. In today’s economy cheap no-frills mobile phones can be provided and the phone operators have calculated that for $10 a month they can pFree Low Income Cell Phone Servicerovide 250 min worth of calls.

Free low income cell phones provided by States in the U.S. have been around for over 20 years and have not been publicised very greatly in recent years. With the advancement in technology and cheap mobile phone deals it is now become more economically viable for people to get a free mobile phone rather than having a landline connected. The Obama administration have seen this and are now trying to re-promote it in the public eye making more Americans aware of the benefits that they are entitled to.

It not only gets them connected but can also help aid them get back to work as they now have a phone that will enable them to call potential employers. It is about connecting the country back up together and getting the poorest people in the country up to a minimum standard that should be expected in a country like America.

What type of free low income cell phones provided by States in the U.S. are available?

There are three types of phones that are available on the scheme they are:Low Income Cell Phone Plans

  • Samsung 105
  • LG 320
  • Motorola 175

All three phones are very basic ones and enable you to make and receive calls. You will be able to send text messages on these phones as well, but they do not include any gadgets like web surfing or cameras.

How do you qualify for these phones?

As mentiLow Income Cell Phone Assistanceoned earlier if you are on some sort of benefit than you should automatically qualify for a free mobile phone, but it is down to your state so you should check with your local provider to see if you qualify in your area.

Safelink, Assurance Wireless, and ReachOut Wireless are the three companies that will be dealing with the free phone packages. It is best to get in contact with them to find out more about it. Make sure you get your free phone today and you will be able to get back in contact with the world.