Everybody wants to get something for free online. A search for that term turns up billions of results. This applies to MMORPGs, too. More and more people would like to find free MMORPG downloads for their computers, to enable to them to enjoy a multiplayer world without having to put down a monthly fee.

There are plenty of commercial games, normally for pay, that offer a free trial for a short period of time. However, these are usually only ten or fifteen days, after which, you'll have to pay. That means that these games aren't true free MMORPG downloads. Since most people want to stick with a game for a long period of time, the experience is lessened by the fact that they'll either have to pay or quit.

Fortunately, there are some publishers that offer free MMORPG downloads. These might be games in beta stage, or which haven't hit the commercial market yet. They might even be games that are going to stay free forever. Regardless of the reason, these free MMORPG downloads are available to play without charge. That means that you can enjoy their immersive gaming experience without paying every month. Here are a few examples.

1. Mu Online. This game's a lot like Diablo, except that you'll face its huge monsters with other players from all over the world. This game's large weapons and big bosses are immediately recognizable. You can get it at muonline.com.

2. Ragnorok Online. This game is produced in South Korea, and features anime-style characters. It doesn't tax most systems, and is appropriate for a wide range of ages. If you'd like to experience good game depth, rich mythological backgrounds, and the attractive simplicity of anime-style art, you'll enjoy this game a lot. The client can be downloaded at ragnorokonline.com

3. Maple Story. A cute, distinctive game that stands out among other free MMORPG downloads, this game is a platformer combined with an RPG. It's a little like Super Mario Bros., but there are thousands of people of all ages playing at once. You can get the game at mapleglobal.com

4. Gunx the Duel. This is similar to games like Unreal Tournament and Quake Arena. However, it's got an RPG twist, wherein players can develop their stats every time they win a bout and carry those stat upgrades to later tournaments. It's got a third person viewpoint, which is popular with those who find first person view unsettling. This Matrix-like game can be downloaded at www.gunzonline.com

5. Flyff. This is one of the group of free MMORPG downloads that's designed mostly for kids. This game is adorable, and is possible the first MMORPG in which every character has the ability to fly. In this gaming world, flight is an inborn gift. You can find the client for this cute game at www.english.flyff.com