Many women who adore makeup and are particularly attached to their favorite brand, want to know where to get free makeup samples without surveys. Free shipping is something most people look for as well when they want to get makeup testers sent to them.

But you should know that the option in getting mascara, foundation, lipstick and even concealer samples from your favorite makeup company, without taking a survey is still possible. In fact, you'd be surprised just how easy it is to score free beauty products without having to answer annoying questions just to get eyeliner or mineral makeup.

 Firstly, you should probably know that with free makeup samples of any kind, you'll have to give up something. This could be an email, an address, a friend request to some social media platform or even a quick letter in the mail, but you should know that in the makeup sample business nothing is REALLY free.

 But is giving up an email address worth getting a sample lipstick color in the mail or at a makeup counter?


 Here are a few more tips in getting free makeup samples without surveys and with free shipping.

  • Visit you favorite makeup counter at the mall. Sometimes you won't even have to wait for makeup freebies in the mail. Ask your sales person about new colors. Show up knowledgeable and make sure you present yourself as someone who really loves the brand. Many times a makeup sales person will just hand over free samples of your favorite lipstick, eyeshadow, blush or bronzer. All the more better, is establishing a relationship with your sales person, when you go shopping. Most makeup people look out for their favorite customers. You may also be able to get free lipstick or eyeshadow samples in the mail like this as well.

  • Write to your favorite company. This is one of the best ways to get free samples in the mail for lipsticks, blushes and even makeup accessories like brushes etc. You may also be able to call them directly and just ask for any free promotional makeup products.

  • Start up a Youtube channel dedicated to your favorite makeup brand. This is one of the best ways to score TONS of makeup samples, especially if you are really good at applying makeup. Consider starting a video channel and vlog about your favorite makeup brands. Remember to tag your vlogs appropriately and list out the brand name of the makeup you are using. You may be able to catch the attention of a makeup company, who'll contact you directly or you may be able to write to the company and direct them to your vlog channel. Either way, these companies really love product ambassadors and show their love usually with makeup freebies and other promotional items.

 Remember, when looking for free makeup samples without surveys and free shipping, consider going directly to your favorite makeup counter and asking directly. Be friendly and establish relationships with your favorite sales people. They will surely look out for you.

 The other super easy way to get free makeup samples is just by picking up the phone and asking.