Does Anyone Offer Complementary Medical Coding Courses?

Wondering where to get free medical coding courses online?  These opportunities for these complementary lessons are not easy to come by but they do exist.  Medical Coders are in high demand because every doctor’s office, clinical center, some government agencies and big hospitals all need coders to keep their records straight. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be at least a 21 percent increase in the Medical Information Technician field (This includes medical coding as well as Medical Coding and Billing.)

Medical Coding individiual lessons are not that expensive when compared to costs of a full Medical Coding and Billing Course or Program, or a Paralegal Program or any other training or 2-year Associates Degree program.  You can complete a coding program in a few months and it can cost less than $500.  However, for those who may not have that money or do not want to spend money just to find out if they would like it as a course of study, you can try a few free options before paying for entry into an accredited program.

Just so you are clear, these lessons that you can get free online are usually not comprehensive enough for you to be able to land a good job after completing it.  A free Medical Coding course is really only designed to show you what the course entails and what you can expect once you apply for the program and get accepted.  In order to be taken seriously in the job world, you will need to attend a certified Coding Program.

Some Options For Getting Access To Options To Learn Free Online

Some reports say that there is a significant shortage of Medical Coders within the health care industry which means they are in very high demand, much like nurses. It is indeed a solid career choice. You can work in an offical brick and mortar job site or you can work from home as an Independent Coder.  When you get your certification, the sky is really the limit for you in terms of career choices.  Below are some option that you can review to see if the the program is right for you.

Meditec’s Free Medical Coding Lesson on PDF

Meditec is known as the “Premier Online Medical and Legal Career Training Resource.” With well over 40 years in healthcare and legal industry, they are a trusted source of training and development.  The FREE PDF training course they offer a sample of the self-paced training courses they offer online.  Meditec courses usually include everything you need to know in order to be successful in your career.  If you are looking for a free Medical Coding course, their free PDF course should be your first stop since they are an authority within the industry. If you are a veteran or a MyCAA Beneficiary Meditec has a program for you.  
Online Career Advancement does offer a free training course that gives you a foundation to start with.  You will need to register and may subsequently have to pay for courses after the introductory foundation lessons. You can enroll for the free lesson by sending them an email at freecourse (at)


ZHealth Publishing eLearning Medical Coding Courses by Dr. Z

You can get these lessons from ZHealth Online.  Dr. Z and his team of medical coding experts develop the courses and they are designed to be self-paced coding courses.  According to ZHealth the coding lessons are “designed to deepen your knowledge base while earning your continuing education units (CEUs). All courses are approved by at least one of the following three accrediting organizations: AAPC, AHIMA, and ASRT.” The offer CPT and ICD9 coding courses for a free trial for 7 days. 

Because of the high demand for Medical Coders, places like the ones highlighted above do offer these free options to get you familiarized with the foundations of the program.  However, you must understand that if you are trying to get training so you can go out into the work force, you should really consider saving the money or even taking out a small personal loan to pay to attend an accredited Medical Coding course.  There are many community colleges that have these courses for under $500 and online trainers like Meditec that has been in the industry for over 40 years also have great online options. 

These free options are great so you can see what you are getting into and to see if you can handle it, but do not rely on these complementary lessons alone to give you the education and the credentials you need to go out and get a good job or even start your own business.