Whether on Medicare or insured through a traditional company, being able to get free medical supply samples, is often one of the best ways to try new products from catheters, free diabetic supplies and even free incontience supplies. Medicare or your insurance company doesn't really have to be your only option when it comes to wanting to try new equipment.

And let's be honest here, medical samples can be rather expensive. And people should consider trying them for several reasons, a) it's actually your right, b) it's important for you to be able to try different medical products to ensure you're getting the best products possible, and c) getting free medical samples is actually a way to save money when on a tight budget.

 Why do medical supply companies give away medical samples?

Well firstly, it's really that company's way of establishing a long relationship with you the customer. And they know that people who look for say, free foley catheter samples are most likely be interested in different types of catheters like: rusch catheters, bard catheters or hydrophilic catheters. So inquiring about these types of samples, likely translates into some form of long term purchase and relationship, at least that company hopes it does. The same really is true for any free medical sample.

 Don't be bullied either by Medicare or your insurance company. They may tell you that you have to stick to one form of medical care supply. But if you find something that is effective you can challenge them on what they prescribe to you.

 Top Ways to Get Medical Samples for Free:

  1. Work with your local physician or nurse. Many times if you express an interest or need for free medical samples, they will provide them to you. Salespeople often oversupply doctors and nurses with free samples. You should not hesitate to ask for free samples of everything from blood pressure medicine to diabetic supplies if you need them or just have an interest to try something new. Again, often times if you find something that works better for you, your doctor may have your insurance company or even Medicare cover it for you.

  2. Write to or call major medical supply companies. These companies gladly offer free medical supplies and samples. Often, you just need to provide them with your contact information and mailing address. I will list out some major medical companies that you can contact at this end of this article. But make sure you speak with an informed agent. Many times these companies have nurses who work for them and can advise you of samples you can try as it relates to what you currently have.

  3. Go directly to the manufacturer: You can go to the manufacturer for no cost medical samples. Manufactures are the makers of the products, and again are often glad to provide samples. Their hope is that a long term relationship exists between them and you. And though many manufacturers work directly with suppliers and direct sales agents, more times than not they will take calls from consumers like you, who want free samples and supplies.

    Below is a list of some medical supply companies. Give them a call to inquire about free medical samples.

    • Liberty Medical 1-855-203-9556
    • 180 Medical – 1-877-688-2729

    • Liberator Medical – 1-800-323-0914

Again, one of the best ways to try new medical products is to contact your doctor, nurse, medical supplier or even manufacturer for free medical supply samples.