Free Money (31281)

Free money is something we all desire. Where to get it can be another story. Try as we may, there never seems to be enough cash after the bills get paid. Finishing the work week and having nothing left by Saturday can lead to serious depression. This kind of life has us seeking alternative as well as additional sources of income.

A good lifestyle is important to us all. We have a way we'd like to live in mind that will please us. Affording this way of living can be achieved, if enough time and effort is expended.

Starting out in life we all have ambitious goals. For whatever the reason, we have settled for less. Now the time has come for some free money to fall from somewhere to help these desires at a better life, become more of a reality and less of a dream.

With passion and continued effort, a sharp eye and careful investigation, all of the possible avenues can be found, to obtain an unearned income.

Here's a list of a few ways to get some Free Money;

#1- Sell some blood, We all have some. Giving up a pint or two to see a windfall, while we're laying on the table taking a nap, is an easy way to get some of this. Plus if you're good they give you orange juice and a cookie when your done for a tip.

Estimated possible free income--- $25.00 a day twice a week, if you shop around and use a few different names. A multi vitamin is recommended.

#2- Kidneys, Who needs two? We only really need one kidney to survive, so what the hey, for a free windfall like this.

Estimated possible free income--- $20,000.00, more if we're willing to deal on the black market.

#3- Relatives, Crying poverty to the bleeding heart rich aunt or grandmother will usually result in some cash we didn't work for. After all, they'll be dead soon anyway and won't need the money.

Estimated possible free income, $0.00 to 100,000,000, Depends on how wealthy your relatives are.

#4- Children, We can wait until they are old enough to work and then let them give us money, after all we are the parents and what we say goes right? Just cry a lot and begging doesn't hurt either. Just recall when the little guys wanted something from us, how hard they begged. What's good for the goose is good for the parents.

Estimated possible income, $0.00, If your kids are like most,we can forget this one.

#5- Win the lottery, Taking home a windfall in this category isn't really free money, after all ya gotta by the ticket to win.

Estimated possible free money, -1.00 to $999,999,999.00 The minus one, is when you lose. the other is a jackpot, minus the buck it cost for the ticket.

#6- Oh crap even five's a stretch, let's face it, in the world we live in today, there is no free money. Work hard and give life all you have. Seek out every opportunity you can find and never give up.

Make doing the things you like a priority and go out and find the earned income to do them. Waiting around for free money may just leave you right where you are now.

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