Free money for your honey is an attempt to provide some ways to gain access to the extra income we sometimes need, to buy that little something, for the one we love.Free Money For Your

Times are tight today and most of us are hard at work just trying to make sure the bills get paid. For reasons beyond our control, our incomes may have decreased.

The market may have crashed around our favorite stock pick. Maybe some unscrupulous investment broker took your hard earned 401-k money and put it into Enron.

Whatever the reasons for money being tight, try not to forget the most important person you know still deserves a little something now and then to know they're appreciated for all they do.

Bringing in this extra income shouldn't take too much effort. This is because what we're buying is not a big ticket item. Loved ones will appreciate something inexpensive just as much. If enough thought was put into this, then the time and effort expended, becomes the bigger gift.

For a women this could be surprise flowers, or candy. Costume jewelry can be inexpensive and found in the style of our mate, by paying attention to what they buy for themselves. Look in the jewelry box and get a feel for what they may enjoy wearing.

The man in your life will be excited just to have something bought for him, whatever it is. The attention paid to going out of your way, just to find something they needed, will warm up his heart and keep that spark burning.

So gaining the income now becomes easy. We only need a few dollars to accomplish a very important task. Showing our significant other that we care. Going out of our way to please them.

Taking a second job won't be necessary after all, we can use that coffee money we we're saving for tomorrow. Buy a card and write a heart warming thought.

Most importantly, make sure your partner knows that they are still the most important part of your life. Do it now, as opposed to tomorrow. This is a task that should never be put off.

Go to the local florist, or jeweler, and get it done right away. Get to the golf course and get that gift certificate for a free round of golf, or pick up that new coffee mug that reads, #1 Mate.

Do whatever that little thing is that you know will make them smile, now that we know free money for your honey is probably already in our pocket.