Get Cash Now From The Rich

You can find free money giveaways, no strings attached in a few different places.  While it’s not realistic to expect to get millions of dollars for nothing, it is possible to get some cash when you need it.  You will find that some methods on the list are more likely to work for you than others.  Try finding out what millionaires, billionaires, or even the government are willing to do to help people in need.


Government Grants

You can get free money in the form of grants from the government.  You need to be really careful with this, since there are a lot of sites that run scams instead of giveaways with no strings attached.  Still, there are all sorts of personal government grants out there you can take advantage of to get some funding for a business, help with your mortgage, alternative energy sources, and many other possibilities.  Check out books on the topics to see what you can qualify for.  You will have to apply for grants, they are not just handed out to anyone.  Certain criteria will need to be met as well.  In some cases, there are grants for single mothers, low income families, or funding to work on an invention.  Check out current books from the library or purchase them online to see what kind of grants you can use to take advantage of a free money giveaway with no strings attached.


Scholarships/Financial Aid

These are fully legitimate ways to get free money. If you have good grades and can meet the criteria set forth, you can qualify for a financial assistance giveaway.  With most scholarships and financial aid there are no strings attached, other than keeping up your grades and completing school.  You can find many online websites dedicated to helping students get the most financial assistance possible.  If you are unsure of what websites to use, a trip to your local college could help you find out what you need to get started with the application process. 


Cyber Begging

This is a new take on an old method to get free money giveaways.  It’s the new version of panhandling and it may be a good way to get cash with no strings attached.  Essentially, sites will allow you to blog about your financial woes and needs in hopes that someone will help you out.  Most claim financial hardship over a specific “event” that has occurred.  This could be the loss of job or home, just to name a couple of possibilities.  This is generally fully legal, assuming you accurately describe your situation without embellishing or making things up and pay taxes on the funds you receive from the kind hearted.  You will find this to be an effective, although maybe not ethical way to take advantage of a free money giveaway from millionaires.  In most cases, the help you get will not have any strings attached to it.

Enter Contests for Cash

There are many contests out there that pay money.  The giveaways are often free to enter, but there are generally few winners that get anything of value.  The only strings attached to something like this are having your email and phone number sold to others looking to bombard you with spam and telemarketing calls.  As long as you don’t have to pay to enter the contests, there is really no risk involved to speak of.  This is a legitimate way to get some cash, but the chances of actually winning anything are slim.  To help improve your chances of getting some financial awards, you should enter as many contests as possible.  When you enter more contests, you have a better chance of winning something that has value.  On a personal note, I have an aunt that enters these things all the time and she has won trips and a kitchen remodel worth $10,000.  Both trips were all expenses paid.  Of course, she has “won” contest where the prizes weren’t worth winning or were not as presented.  Still, she has successfully taken advantage of free money giveaways from companies that had no strings attached to them.

Apply for Welfare Programs

There are no strings attached to government welfare programs other than needing to apply for them and meet the qualifications set forth.  Most of the qualifications revolve around income levels, so low income families and people are more likely to qualify.  Wealthy people need not even attempt this one, since they will not be approved for government assistance programs.

Raise Donations for Charity

If you represent a charitable organization, you can raise funds through a number of different means.  You can collect donations of cash online, through the mail, or by telephone efforts.  You will be able to find people that want to give away their money with no strings attached to nonprofit organization that raise funds for a worthy cause.

Write to the Rich

Rich and famous people do give free money to help others.  While the term “giveaway” may not accurately apply, you can get some financial help from a philanthropist.  You can blog about your issues, write letters to millionaires asking for help, or contact famous people through their personal blogs and websites.  This is not a guaranteed method by any means, but you may find a philanthropist willing to help you out financially.   You may even find millionaires or billionaires that help people in need.

Unclaimed Government Money

There are lots of legitimate stories of people finding lost funds from the government.  The trick to using these sites is to make sure they are free, so you don’t end up paying just to find out there is nothing out there for you.  These are not really giveaways in the strictest sense; since these are just funds owed you.  Still, if you have some cash value out there that you can collect, why not see if you can get it?  Remember, your parents or children could also have funds out there unclaimed.  These days there are even sites out there that allow companies to post their unclaimed funds online.  Perhaps your parents or grandparents had taken out life insurance policies that were not collected on after death.  This is not that uncommon, since few of us know about all of our parent’s and grandparent’s insurance policies. This is a good way to take advantage of a free money giveaway, no strings attached.