Today there are lot of peer-to-peer file sharing sites online which are highly popular; however most of them have hyperlinks to some copyrighted media tracks and software. If you are looking to experience some great free music download sites to obtain legal and free videos, song, and some other file types then here is the list of great legal file sharing web sites. Generally, these kinds of legitimate Bit Torrent sites provide hyperlinks to tracks which are covered up by the CCL; the track covered up by the Creative Commons License (CCL) generally gives you the permission to distribute and copy them safely. Below is the list of peer-to-peer sites which provide legal and free downloads and feature some great number of content.


If you're particularly searching for legal and free digital track, then you will be forced hard to discover the best resource than Jamendo. With almost thirteen thousand music albums, this song-based site provides some big range of styles of song from individual album artists who have released their song thru the CCL. By using your favorite file sharing program you can download many of the files, and you could still review the music albums, copy them, share them with your family, and make some contribution to album artist.

Vuze high definition network

This is the HD free music download sites and by using the free Vuze Bit Torrent you can download the files. This site is simple to use a special thanks to the menu that shows the total host of media like films, video, music TVs, audio books, and the a section dedicated to song which comprises the big range of musical genres.

Legal Torrents

If you are searching for all kinds of legitimate media tracks then this could be the great resource. This site has the good interface which makes it simple to discover what you're searching for. There is a tool for searching the songs which you could utilize if you want to discover something particular and categories for media are listed neatly. This legitimate file sharing web site provides media files like song, audio books, TV, videos, movies, games and many more.

Legit Torrents

This site has approximately two thousand free and legal hyperlinks which include films, song, games, books and some other kinds of media file; this free and legal peer-to-peer web site also provides the list of 'legitimate' software which not alone includes Microsoft Windows, however as well Linux and Mac platforms.

If you are looking to hear some live concerts then this site is worth visiting. Legal 'illicit' concerts of artists and bands could be free music downloads legally thru torrent software. The downloaded media files will be in the format of lossless Flac so the downloaded files could be of hundreds or thousands of MB's, however the quality will be super.