Just because you can’t afford to purchase a computer or laptop doesn’t mean that you just have to go without. This is even more true if you are a low income student, you have children in school, or you need a computer for work. There are a lot of different programs out there that will help get or find free notebook computers for the poor.

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If you are looking for charities that give out free notebook computers for the poor then you are likely going to want to spend some time online finding out more information. One great resource to help you get online and find the information that you want is the local library. They will have computers available for your use free of charge. This in turn will give you time to meet your current computer needs and it will also give you the time that you need to do whatever research that you need to get done.

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 Local Listings

While there are some charities out there that give free notebook computers for the poor away, there are also a lot of people who just give away their old and no longer used computer equipment. You can check the free portion of Craigslist and Freecycle to find free listings. If you are going this route you will want to check frequently so that you can call people as sCompaq Evoo N160 Laptop With Windows XPCredit: Amazon.comoon as possible. Many free items that are worth something will go quickly. If you take the time to check often you may find the perfect option for you without a lot of work.

 Computer Recycling Center

There are several programs out there that do a lot of good work to get free notebook computers for the poor and other free and low cost computers. If you are in need you can apply to the computer recycling center. They take in all sorts of computers, refurbish them, and send them out to new owners. Some computers are sent out for free and others require a small fee to help cover the cost of refurbishing the computer. To apply you will need to send in a letter letting them know what your needs are, who will benefit from the computer, and how they will benefit.

 Computers With Causes

Computers with causes is another charity that works towards helping those in need including students, families, elderly, disabled, and veterans. Their site is easy to nDell Latitude D600 14 Inch LaptopCredit: Amazon.comavigate and allows you to fill out a simple form and share your need. They will then work toward getting you a free notebook or computer.

 Other Charities

While both of the programs listed above are excellent resources and work hard to provide free notebook computers for the poor they aren’t the only options out there. Taking some time and looking around for a charity can make a huge difference. Whether you are looking online, asking friends or family, or searching with other charities you can find what you are looking for.

 Check With Your Local Schools

If you don’t have any idea where to turn to find help in your community then contacting your local schools, colleges, and or universities can be a great place to start. Most of these places don’t have programs that provide free notebook computers for the poor, but many of them will have an idea of any local charities that are there to help.

 Local Charities

There are many charities set up to help low income families and several have programs to give out free notebook computers for the poor. One such program is Computers 4 Kids which runs a mentoring program, a computer lab, and will also give a free computer to low income kids who need it. Many of these programs are dedicated to giving out computers to children and other students, but some will also offer computers to others who can show a need or use for them including shut ins and those who would use the computer for work.

 Ask For Help

Another thing that you can do is to ask for help. Get the word out to your friends and family. If you belong to a church you can also ask for help there. You can post an ad on Craigslist, Freecycle, and even your local newspaper. Tell your story in a quick way and make sure it doesn’t go on in a long dreary way even if you feel that way. By asking for help you can let people know your need and you can even inspire someone else to give away something they might not otherwise think to give away. In the end it is a win win situation.

 Finding free notebook computers for the poor isn’t always easy to do. However, with a little working you can find a free latptop to meet your needs. Start with your local listings, check into charities, and don’t be afraid or to proud to ask for help. You can get help.