Many people who need them desperately often find themselves looking for free old computers. Luckily there are at least three places that can provide you with old computers, laptops, CPUS and other electronic hardware and often at no charge.

Unfortunately every year old computers get thrown out by both private citizens and public industry.

Did you know that most corporations have lease roll programs which deems a laptop or desktop unusable at typically the 24-36 month point. This leaves perfectly good devices labeled as obsolete, which in fact is pretty wasteful if you think about it.

You may wonder what happens to old computers, laptops and printers that both public citizens and private industries no longer want, well they first end up in people’s closets, company’s distribution warehouses and then inevitably they end up as e-waste.

The EPA estimates that 4.6 million tons of e-waste ended up in US landfills in 2000. And of course, toxic chemicals are emitted into the earth and then over time released into the atmosphere.

The saddest fact of all is that computers that are thrown away after 2-3 years of use to be replaced by the next best processing technology are typically in great shape.

Free Old Computers

So How Do You Get Free Laptops and Desktops?

Well there are at least three ways to score computers that the public industry or private citizen no longer wants. But here we’ll discuss the top three. This is a website that enables people to register and log on to get computers at no cost. The sole aim of the organization is to reduce public environmental waste. It is free to join and anyone can either donate or receive an item for free. boasts of more than 9 million members and 5,000 local groups which are set up to help reduce everyone’s carbon foot print which includes e-waste and all other forms of pollution as well. is also a great way to get free stuff and things like CPUs, printers and laptops are no different. Log onto Locate your city. And go to the “For Sale” Section. Then scroll down to “Free”.  Once you get there you can even search for any type of electronics you need. Just remember that these types of offers don’t typically last long and you have to be pretty fast.

Bulk Pick Up Day in Any Local Town:  Find out when your local town has bulk trash pickup day (or a town close to you). Personally, I’ve seen neighbors leave out computers to be picked up by the city or town. And like written above, these old computers typically go to the city dump. Consult your town laws, but laws state that anything left on the curb is on a trash collection day is up for grabs.

Local Government Office: Local governments are known for also spearheading initiatives every year to reduce e-waste and often have central drop off points for people to leave their old electronics that they no longer want. You can call your city or town office and ask to speak to the person who is responsible for organizing such events in the town. Once you speak with that person, inquire about what happens to those computers. At which point you can state your case regarding how you need an old computer.

 There you have it. There are even many more ways to get free old computers. The above are just four ways.

Good luck. But remember, when you inquire and receive used laptops, CPUs, printers etc., you are reducing e-waste and making this world a much better place to live in not just for today, but for many more years to come.