Discover what the Bible can do in your life. Many find that Bible study enhances feelings of wellbeing, peace, enhances and repairs personal relationships, and leads to general lifelong happiness. 

The Bible is the most published book in history and it is the most translated book in the world. The Bible now exists completely in over 700 languages and a few hundred more languages have portions of the Bible.

The Bible was written over several thousand years, with discoveries such as the Dead Sea Scrolls proving that what we have today for a Bible is pretty much exactly what existed 2000 years ago.  However, just opening the Bible and reading randomly confuses some people. A topical approach to Bible study is a better way to understand the Bible.

Find a Respected Bible Study Course

There are many online Bible study courses,but you need to find one that is comprehensive and proven over time.  If you are still a kid you can choose a Bible study course geared to kids. If English is not your mother tongue, consider studying the Bible in your preferred language for better understanding. That said, if you want to really improve your English, studying the Bible in English will improve your English vocabulary because you will be exposed to many new words.

Get Your Own Bible

Get your hands on your very own Bible. Check new or used bookstores, Christian stores, or search for free Bibles offers online if you really can't afford to buy a Bible. 

Which Translation?

While the King James Version is certainly a proven translation, there are many more modern translations that will be easier to read. The New King James Version (NKJV), New Living Version (NLV), and New International Version are all reliable and widely popular. Bibles are available with various helpful features including glossaries, maps, and comments beside the text. Choose what you like and most importantly, you will read.

Set Aside Time 

Set a goal to study every day or every week. Take one lesson or half a lesson at a sitting and go through carefully to really understand the topic. Look up the verses mentioned and read the context around the verse. Be prepared to do more research on surprising topics.

Complete the Bible Study Course

When you are all done, get your certificate. You may then be interested in going through an advanced course, or perhaps picking a Bible book like John or Genesis to go through in detail.

More Tips 

  • Go topic by topic, then try reading a book of the Bible at a time. Between these two approaches you will soon understand the Bible quite well.
  • Really understanding the Bible is a lifelong process. People who read the Bible regularly report many benefits - and each time you read a text you are in a different place spiritually so you may get some new insight out of the passage.
  • The most important part of finding an online Bible study course is actually taking the time to complete the course.
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