There are many resources for free online Curious George coloring pages and word puzzles. While H.A. and Margaret Rey’s Curious George has been a beloved book series for over sixty years, he has become a rock star in the cartoon world thanks to the daily PBS Kids cartoon series. Based on the books, but also adding learning concepts like counting and science to the show, children have fallen in love with Curious George in a whole other way.

Children love to color. Contrary to popular belief that coloring is just “busy work” and a waste of time, coloring is actually beneficial for children in many ways. Young toddlers stay outside the lines and have a full hand grip on the chunky crayons they are given. They do not have the control an older preschooler has.

Curious GeorgeAs the children get older, you can see how they master holding the crayon correctly, how they hold the hand they are not using to color on the paper, their posture while coloring, and how well they stay within the lines. These are all clues to handwriting readiness.


By giving children free online Curious George coloring pages, you not only are giving them something to do, you are actually preparing them for handwriting.

There are many websites where you can download and print free Curious George coloring pages.

At, you will find twenty-nine different free Curious George coloring pages. At, not only are there pages to color, but you will also find:


Curious George mazes

Curious George dot to dot pages

Curious George money to cut and color

Curious George characters to make into puppets

Curious George clock

Curious George math pages

You can print and make your own Curious George workbook with all of these free offerings!

There are also many free Curious George games for you to play online.

At you will find sixty-four different Curious George coloring pages. has few Curious George coloring pages for you to use.

Houghton Mifflin, who published the Curious George books, has seven free coloring pages at it’s website What is different about these coloring pages is that they are actual illustrations from the Curious George book series. Ar this website you will also find all sorts of other Curious George printables, like:



Connect the dots

Crossword Puzzles

Counting pages

Word Searches

Word Scrambles

And many more Curious George worksheets and puzzles. has twenty coloring pages. These Curious George pictures are like Houghton Mifflin’s, and are book illustrations rather than the PBS cartoon version of George.

For children who want to do more than simply color you can find a variety of Curios George worksheets at You will find a Curious George word search, a Curios George word scramble, and Curious George table cards to make when company comes. You will also find Curious George coloring pages, as well.


Teachers and parents can use these free online Curious George coloring pages and worksheets to teach a whole plethora of skills. From math to reading to spelling, the Curious George worksheets that you find online are a valuable resource.