Free Online Educational Games for Kids

Are you a parent looking for free educational games for your kids? Perhaps you are a teacher in search of online learning games for kids in your class? As technology has advanced, we have come to have so many educational resources available at the click of a mouse. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of useful teaching tools online that we can make use of. Here’s a few sites I have come to love and use as educational enhancers for my family.

Free Online Educational Games

Cool Math is an extremely fun website that assists children with their math skills. You can learn and practice basic addition, subtracting, geometry, algebra and more. This is a very colorful and engaging site. When learning or practicing a math skill you don’t understand, the site offers easy instructions to guide you along. Cool Math also provides you with a host of games to play. If you stop by be sure to check out Coffee Shop and The World’s Hardest Game.

Starfall is an excellent site designed to help children improve and develop their language skills. The sites main focus is that of teaching phonics. The layout of the site is kid-friendly, very easy to navigate through. If your child can use a mouse, then they can use this site. It has interactive programs that allow children to be involved in their learning. The sound and graphics are very appealing. There is a level for each child to choose from, whether they are just starting to learn their alphabets or beginning to read.  This site is a great tool not only for the home, but for the classroom environment as well.

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This site is all about reading! Mighty Book offers children a fun way of learning to read and enjoy books by way of animated stories and songs. Your children will fall in love with some of the humorous stories and characters they listen to. Children can also learn their words and letters, play games, and visit an online museum. Mighty Book also has a section called Teach and Test. This is where parents or teachers can print lesson plans, quizzes, flashcards, and worksheets free of charge.

DJ Revolution

DJ Revolution, found on, is a fun typing game for older children. This is an excellent game at helping a child learn to concentrate and focus. It also will help in improving typing skills, speed, and letter recognition on the keyboard.  Fun music plays as the children play the game. Before playing the actual game, children have the option of doing a practice session first. It would help for your child to know where the locations of the letters are on the keyboard before playing. The game can be a bit challenging at first, but it does get easier as you go.

These are a few, but excellent educational sites you can make use of with your family at no cost to you. Sites like these help make the learning experience for our children fun and exciting.