For those looking to start or reestablish and online business, marketing yourself, your company, and your products are the most important aspect to creating a successful company. There are several different methods to business marketing and here are a few that have proved successful and won't cost an owner any money. 

One of the best things any new online business owner can do is have friends or family practice making purchases and using your customer support system before you go live. Using these in real terms and getting feedback can allow you to make changes in the process that will make it easier for customers to navigate your web site and ultimately buy what your trying to sell with ease.

 Making constant changes to your home page and creating fresh content is also important. This has two big advantages for online owners. First, it will have search engines recognizing the changes and move you up the pecking order, especially if the content is relevant to your business. Writing short how-to articles or free tips for visitors are great ways to keep fresh material on your site and allow Google, Yahoo, or other search engines reevaluate your position on search pages. Second, new pictures and content will make visitors more comfortable in whatever your trying to do with your business and creating confidence in consumers will generate more income.

 Color schemes might not seem important, but having the right color combinations can make things easier for visitors and more appealing to the eye. Making submit or buy buttons green is a good start. Green is a positive, reinforcing color, where black and red are more negative. Small things like this might not seem important, but it can change the way online customers feel and spend when visiting your online business.

 Product is the key to any business and promoting that product correctly is a must. Have a terrific description and at least two different pictures, this allows the visitor to know exactly what they are getting, making their decision to purchase a more positive experience and one that will have them coming back for more in the future.

 Another very simple, but necessary tool is making sure all your content is spelled correctly. This helps customer confidence, but also search engines when potential paying customers are looking for a specific item.

 Use social media. Facebook, twitter, Google+ and any other free site to help build relationships with potential customers. These sites are great for online business marketing and customer service, but remember to interact with everyone, not just people that have purchased something from you. Keep in mind that bad reviews on these sites can ruin a business quicker then it takes to build a solid business foundation. 

Always remember to have friends, family, or other business associates check out any new changes you make. Look online at the competition, what are they doing that you aren't? Research other sites and take the best ideas from each and integrate them into your own online business and with some time, you could become the next big success story created from an online business.