If you are looking for free online math tutors, there are plenty of internet resources that can provide help and assistance to kids at no cost whatsoever.  Although these websites use different methods to teach, they are all extremely helpful and can dramatically make a difference in a child’s life.  The following free online math tutors are all reputable, reliable resources that can provide great instruction in subjects ranging from algebra to calculus.

Obtain Knowledge

1. Jiskha Homework Help

Jiskha Homework Help is a network of free online math tutors in which students can receive real assistance from actual teachers that volunteer their time to answering questions.  This site provides expertise in a wide range of subjects and is a great website to use if you are looking for a specific answer or explanation to something.  In addition, the free online math tutors that help are not only very reliable and accurate but also quick to respond.

2. StudentQuestions.com-Homework Help for Students

This website was designed to bring students and teachers together to help with homework questions and problems.  StudentQuestions.com not only provides great free online math tutors but also knowledgeable instructors in fields such as science, business, history, and language.  There are hundreds of students willing to help in just about every field of study.

3. HippoCampus

Although HippoCampus does not actually provide free online math tutors for kids, the site provides instruction in a different way.  HippoCampus has interactive lessons with detailed explanations of concepts for high school courses ranging from algebra to college-level calculus.  Learning on this website is easy since all you have to do is listen to the informative videos until you have a good enough grasp of the subject being taught.

4. TutorVista

This website is a computerized network that connects kids with free online math tutors that will provide one-on-one assistance.  Although the program itself is not without charge, you are allowed to take a free trial to see how you like the online instruction.  The math tutors on this site are highly educated and ready to help whenever a child is ready to learn.  The company has over 2000 teachers in many different countries that are dedicated to making learning fun for children.

5. SchoolTrainer Homework Help and Free Online Math Tutors

SchoolTrainer is a great resource that provides homework help and free online math tutors for kids quickly and efficiently over the internet.  Although the company does typically charge 2 dollars per question, the service is no charge if you refer a friend.  Free online homework assistance is available on SchoolTrainer during all hours of the day and math tutors had to pass an extensive screening that included a certification and background-check process.

6. Student of Fortune

Student of Fortune is a free online resource with math and other tutors to answer any questions that you may have.  Although receiving an answer to a question is not without charge, you get to control how much you are willing to pay for the solution.  In addition, if you are knowledgeable in a specific topic and want to make some money helping others, this is a great website to check out.

7. Click and Climb

Another resource for free online math tutors is Click and Climb.  Click and Climb offers live one-on-one assistance for kids of all ages.  Although there is a small fee to use their service, they do offer a free online trial for 2 weeks to see how you like their math tutors.

8. HighPoints Learning

HighPoints Learning is an innovative educational technology company that provides kids of any age with free online math tutors to help them master some of the most challenging key concepts.  The company claims their methods of teaching have helped students to achieve higher test scores and grades, more positive attitudes in school, and better confidence when taking tests.  They also claim that as much as 82.5 percent of kids using their free online math tutors and resources for over 10 hours have reported higher scores on their report cards.

Other Places to Find Free Online Math Tutors

Another great resource that kids can use for free online is Ask Dr. Math, which offers help from tutors for all ability levels.  The website has hundreds of questions already answered in its archive, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, you can always email your question to them and they will provide a solution.  In addition, if need help right away and don’t have time to wait for an answer, they will connect you with a live teacher at any hour of the day.  If you are looking for a more basic way to receive help from a free online math tutor, you can always post a question on the internet in a question and answer blog and hope to get a good response.

Tips and Advice

If you are determined to receive great assistance over the internet, there are many ways to get help but you will have to remain patient until you find what you are looking for since there are just so many resources out there.  In many cases, help over the internet can be slow or insufficient.  If you are not willing to accept minimal assistance and need to get immediate one-on-one help for a child struggling in school, it might be best to look into in-person instruction in your local area.  Try asking a teacher at school to provide one-on-one assistance either before or after class.  In many cases, school teachers are willing to help for free and can be far more effective than any online math tutor.  In other cases, you may want to consider hiring a local private instructor for personalized assistance.  However, in any case, it is important to address any inabilities to grasp numerical concepts, especially at very young ages.  As the course level becomes more and more advanced, it becomes more critical that students exhibit an excellent conceptual understanding of not only the material being taught but also the material that they have learned in previous years.