The main factor that you need to consider when choosing a free online photo and album storage website is the hard memory you will require. The space offered is usually what sets a free online photo and album storage from a fee-based one apart. Whether you're a professional photographer or just a hobbyist, you most probably have accumulated thousands of images on your PC. Although there's nothing wrong with it, wouldn't it be great if you can find some place on the Internet where you can store, as well as manage your pictures. Well, the good news is that there are a lot of websites that offer such services.

Free Online Photo and Album Storage – Picasa

Picasa, which was originally designed by Idealab and acquired by Google in 2004, is a free online photo and album storage website where you can organize, edit and share digital pictures. The website features a file tracker and importer for organizing images, as well as tagging, collection and facial recognition features for further cataloging. It offers users numerous basic image editing capabilities as well like cropping, color enhancement and red eye reduction. Other features consist of image timelines, slideshows and printing. Furthermore, photos can be set for printing, e-mailing and other external use by decreasing the size of the file and arranging page layouts. You can also integrate them with photo printing websites.

The website utilizes picasa.ini file extensions to monitor keywords of every photo, as well as affixes IPTC keyword data only to .jpeg file format. Keywords affixed to .jpeg files can be recognized by other photo library software programs such as iPhoto, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop Album and digiKam.

Based on the website's "readme" document, it can parse XMP data, but it doesn't have the ability to look for existing XMP data in local files.

There is a search bar in Picasa that you can always see whenever you view the library. Searches are real-time, and when you type something, it will filter the displayed items. You can look for filenames, folder names, tags, captions, etc. using the search bar.

This free online photo and album storage website supports Boolean operators for searching, just like the web search in Google. By default, all search phrase(s) are needed ("and" operator), and tagged pictures with specific keywords can be left out by utilizing the hyphen sign ("not" operator). In addition, The free online photo and album storage website features an experimental function using the search bar wherein photos that has certain colors can be searched using the operator "color:"

Free Online Photo and Album Storage – My Album

The use of digital cameras, not to mention the Internet has increased considerably since 2000, and this created a demand for safe and free online photo and album storage that can be shared and viewed by family members, relatives and friends. offers free online photo and album storage account that enables users to store images easily and share them with their loved ones. The website is privately owned by a The Netherlands-based company. It is free to register and you get 1GB of storage capacity for free.

The albums, by default, would be private, but if you want, you can make them (or just certain ones) public, allowing other people to see the contents of the albums.

Free Online Photo and Album Storage – Picture Trail

A free trial membership is offered by Picture Trail so that those who are interested can try the service first prior to buying a membership. Many free online photo and album storage websites that has free trial memberships are not that great since they have countless of restrictions, but this is not the case with Picture Trail. After you register for the free trial, you can use all the photo sharing services that Picture Trail has to offer.

You will receive a capacity of 50MB, or store 500 images (whichever comes first). Once you have consumed the allotted free online photo and album storage space, you can buy 500 images or more space every year. The free account gives users a storage capacity of 20MB or 36 images (whichever comes first). If you are planning to upload a lot of pictures, you may need to buy additional space.

You can make a group for practically any interest or hobby you have, or become a member of an existing club.

Picture Trail gives users the ability to do customization on their homepage by including an "About Me" section, your personal picture or any avatar and choose a homepage background theme that you like. You can even add graphics on every album and background page and picture borders on this free online photo and album storage website.

The free online photo and album storage website has a number of editing features as well like photo-realistic, soft or bold and occasion background themes which can enhance your display albums. Moreover, you can view images in slideshow format, as well as include music on each album.

Free Online Photo and Album Storage – Fotki

Fotki is one of the biggest social networking websites in the world. It also offers electronic photo and video sharing service. In a lot of ways, this free online photo and album storage website looks a lot like most of the other well-known photo sharing websites that support numerous Web 2.0 features like the use of social bookmarking, RSS feeds, tagging, Ajax, Exif information display and GPS location info.

The free online photo and album storage website provides free account users from Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania and premium account members unlimited digital photos storage space. It offers blogging (like Blogger or LiveJournal), e-mailing, co-branding, print selling (at custom prices) and online printing as well.

The website's community tools enable picture and video tagging, comprehensive profiling, organizing and saving of links (just like in and member and image search utilizing folksonomic tools.

The main purpose of Fotki is to facilitate and make the digital photo sharing process online possible. It consists of 4 steps:

1. Upload. Transfer a photo from any local device like PC, digital camera or cell phone to Fotki's servers. The website offers several applications and tools to make the process easier and to help members of various platforms. A number of applications for uploading support simultaneous and multiple file transfers.

2. Store. Once the files have been uploaded, they are stored on Fotki's servers.

3. Organize and present. You have the capability to organize files that have been uploaded in a way that suits your preference and taste and show them to viewers. You would be able to use many tools for customization and management.

4. Access. The digital media album is made available on the Internet for your family and friends to view and download. This free online photo and album storage website offers search tools, a navigating and viewing user interface and various security options to limit content access, if needed.