There are many places where you can find free online printable Bob the Builder coloring pages for your kids. Coloring is a fun and calming way for children to work on their fine motor skills.

Bob the Builder was created in the United Kingdom in 1998. Bob and his Can-Do team of friends, Scratch, Wendy, Pilchard the cat, Farmer Pickles, Muck the bulldozer, Lofty the crane, Dizzy the cement mixer, Scoop the digger, and a host of others, made their American debut in 2001. He appeared on local PBS stations and quickly enraptured the imagination of America's preschoolers. That is why parents and preschool teachers should print out these coloring pages. Children love to interact with their favorite characters.

The adventures take place in his yard in the town of Bobsville. He acts like the "parent" and his machines are his "children". He teaches them lessons on teamwork, patience, and caring for others. There are gentle consequences and Bob is always there to lend a hand to whomever he meets. Many of the coloring pages show this favorite character teaching these lessons to his friends.

Here are a list of resources for finding pages for your children to color. Once you use one of these resources, you can create your own coloring books to take along anywhere you go. Just leave a bunch in the car with some crayons, and you have something for your child to do while waiting at the doctor's office, waiting for a sibling to finish an activity, or something to do on a long car ride.

Bobthebuilder is a comprehensive website that is all about Bob and is friends. On this official site, you will find team biographies, actual projects to build, games, parent activities, and a shop. The free printable coloring pages can be found under the "games" section.

Sproutonline is another resource for free coloring pages. You will also find learning games for children to play and videos to watch. 

At Nick Junior's United Kingdom site you will find more printable pages of Bob and company for your child. There are also e-cards you can send that feature this favorite character and his friends.

Another website that is full of free pages to print is at Family Crafts on the About website. This site will lead you to more pictures for you to download.

At We Love Bob you will find an entire website devoted to him and his friendly crew.

Still another resource is Pudgy Bunny.

After you are finished looking for free online printable Bob the Builder coloring pages, get out the crayons, markers or watercolors and have a fun time coloring with your kids.

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