Test your speed in typing

Nowadays typing is needed in almost all kinds of jobs and having a fast typing speed is an advantage especially to those people who are applying for jobs that require a fast typing speed like data entry jobs, virtual assistants and call center jobs.   

I came to know these typing sites when a client in oDesk required a result of a typing speed for those freelancers who wanted to be considered for a job he posted. He put a link on the site wherein you will have to take a test. After taking the speed typing test, you will have to show the client the result of the test you have taken.

After taking the test and submitting the result to the client, I tried to explore the site and found out that the site does not only test your speed in typing but also there are lessons and exercises available to help improve your speed in typing.  There are also games wherein you can compete with others if you like.    

I enjoyed using the site so I decided to search for other sites to learn and improve my knowledge about typing.  So here are some of the sites that I have searched that might be of help for you to learn how to type and at the same time improve your speed in typing:


Typing speed


When you go to Typingtest site, you will see 3 categories to choose from namely: Typing Test, Course and Games.

In Typing Test, you will know what your typing speed is by taking the Typing Speed Test.  You will find out what are your Words per Minute and your accuracy in typing.  There are 9 languages that you can choose from.  

In their Typing Trainer Course, you can sign up for 4 free lessons. More lessons are available with a rate starting at $14.90.

In Games category, you will have a fun way to improve your skills in typing.  There are 10 games to choose from namely: KeyMan, Key Tower, Tip Tap Keys, Keyphant, Snake ABC, StarKeys, Bubbles, Keytris, Numpad Game and Key Bricks.


One of the good features of this site is that they will teach you what finger to use when you type their lessons. Courses offered are Beginners Course, Intermediate Course, Advanced Course, Specialty Lessons and Premium Lessons.  They also have New Headline Exercises.  If you want to enjoy the other features of Typingweb, you will need to register with their site.    You can track your progress, access additional content and compete with others when you are a registered member.   


If you love competing with others, Typeracer is the right one for you.  Typeracer was launched in March 2008. It is available in 50 different languages. When you go to their site you will see the list of the registered fastest typist and the latest high scores.  You can also view their profiles and send a message to them.

You can enter a typing race and you will have the chance to compete with online opponents.  Most of the paragraphs you type are from quotes from books, movies, and songs.  You can also practice to improve your typing skills.  You can race with your friends by inviting them to a private race and chat.


Learn touch typing with TypingClub.  Creating an account is not required but as you go through the lessons, you will be encouraged to create a profile to be able to save your progress.  

They have 100 lessons to unlock.  You have to finish each lesson to advance to the higher lessons. Available lessons are: Alphabets, Advanced Level 1 (Speed Goal 30 WPM), The Shift Key, Advanced Level 2 (Speed Goal 35 WPM), Numbers, Advanced Level 3 (Speed Goal 45 WPM) and Symbols.


Goodtyping has 27 guided lessons to learn step-by-step from the beginning. They have 23 different keyboard layouts to choose from. You can access the site even if you are not a registered member but once you finish the demo your progress will not be stored. You have to sign up if you want to enjoy the full course with all the available features. 


Typeonline was assessed and judged by Education Network Australia (EdNA) and National Grid for Learning (NGfL) as a quality educational resource. They have 5 lessons to choose from and under those lessons they still have 8-10 keyboard exercises.  Most of the exercises have tips below them guiding you on how to correctly execute the exercises. To be able to achieve a better speed, follow their instructions honestly and carefully. Other services available are number Pad Lessons, Copy Practice and Speed Test.


Competition is not available with this site, so if you want to compete with others this site is not the right one for you.  Typing Test Speed, Exercises, Lessons and Tips are also available with Speedtypingonline. Their Typing Test Features are Restart Test Hotkey, Live Statistics, Multiple Entry Modes, Type What You're Typing, Text Lookhead 100% of the time, Correct Words Per Minute (WPM) Calculation, Custom and Interesting Text To Type, Broad Range of Test Round Times and Dvorak and Colemak Keyboard Layout Support. 


Registration is not required if you want to test your speed in 10fastfingers. You can choose from 50 languages.  If you want to compete with others and wanted your scores to be posted on the top lists, you have to sign up for a free account.


Typingstudy is another good site to test your speed and learn how to improve your speed in typing.  They have 66 language and 26 keyboard layouts to choose from.  They have 15 lessons available. They also have tips to improve your typing. 

The QWERTY keyboard intro for beginners


I believe all of these sites will be very helpful to anyone who is really willing to learn and improve their speed in typing.  These sites are not only good for people who are looking for jobs but it is also good for students who wanted to learn the basics in typing and teachers who wanted to teach their students about typing.  It is also a fun way of learning and enjoying on how to type by competing with your friends and other people around the world.