Many people are interested in free ostomy supplies after they've had surgeries like a colostomy.

Aside from your insurance company and Medicare picking up some or all of the tab for stoma  supplies, there are other ways as well to get free medical supplies after having a colostomy for example. And there are times that some people are required to pay for all of their products out of pocket.

Let's face it, these supplies can be very expensive after your surgery, so being able to get any help to offset your expenses can be a much needed relief. Also be aware, that you aren't tied to specific ostomy supplies, though many insurance companies including Medicare may require you to use a specific brand.

Some people stay with the brands they used when they first got their surgery, others go on and try many other brands from multiple manufacturer's to figure out what is in fact right for them.

 Trying new brands of ostomy supplies can be often the answer in being able to sample free medical supplies like ostomy or stoma products. Always remember that you are NEVER tied to just one brand of ostomy products or manufacturer.

 What is Ostomy vs. Stoma?

 An ostomy generally describes a surgery that is done to create an opening in the body, in order for it to discharge and release waste. Often people get the terms stoma and ostomy confused. While stomas allow for the body to effectively release waste via a new surgical opening. A Stoma refers to the actual ending of the small or large bowel and ureter.

This procedure can be permanent or temporary and may occur after a removal of a piece of the colon because of cancer or some other medical issue.

 So whether you've gotten an ostomy for colon or bladder related issues free ostomy supplies are still possible. Here are a few ideas and tips to get them.

  1. Call or Contact your Ostomy Nurse – Your ET nurse often can often aid you in making the right decision when it comes to free ostomy or stoma supplies. In fact, sometimes she has the inside track on what most of his/her patients prefer, so don't be afraid to ask. Your WOC nurse is often given product free ostomy samples and can pass them on to you as well.

  2. Contact Your Current Ostomy Supplier  or Manufacturer– Get in contact with your current supplier. They also can often suggest new products to you and also provide you with free samples. Remember to ask for someone who has ostomy medical knowledge like a nurse or other health care professional.

  3. Call an Ostomy Manufacturers Directly – Give Ostomy makers a call directly. Often times they are delighted to provide free product samples. Let them know that you just want to keep your options open and figure out what is the best product for you.

 Some of the Major Ostomy Manufacturers include the Following:

 Coloplast Corp 1-800-533-0464 (popular brands: SenSura, Assura, ColoKids)

 ConvaTec 1-800-422-8811 (popular brands: Sur-Fit Natura, Active Life, Moldable Technology)

 Genairex 1-877-726-4400

So yes, it is very possible to get free ostomy supplies and samples be it through your ostomy nurse directly or through manufactuerers directly.