If you’re like many Americans who have fallen on hard times and you’d like to get a free phone without a credit check, and then consider some of the government free cell phone programs which can be a relief when it comes to no monthly bill, no contract and no credit check for that matter.

 This free mobile phone service which doesn’t require any credit cards or credit history checks is a part of the life line program. The Life Line program came to be under the Ronald Reagan Administration during the 1980s. The reason why the Life Line program was so important was because it enabled everyone from poor people, to young people out of work to seniors living on a fixed income access to telephone service.

Today, many people don’t even have a landline phone, and use their wireless phone as their primary mode of communication. And so consider another fact that the average phone bill starts somewhere at around $50 dollars a month. And if you have a data plan and multiple accounts with spouses and children, you could be paying hundreds of dollars a month.

This is why programs like Budget Mobile, Assurance Wireless, Tag Mobile and Safelink Wireless have come up with a specific program (in conjunction with your state government, which defines the rules for the program).

Typically for each state you must meet just ONE of the following government provisions, meaning you must be on or receive at least one of these programs at the time of application.

Free Cell Phone Application- How Do You Apply?

  • Go the Budget Mobile, Assurance Wireless, Tag Mobile or Safelink’s website.
  • Enter in your zip code. On the first page of each of these sites is a way to enter your location and from there you can see what the requirements are.
  • Give either company a call or just proceed through to the online option to apply.
  • Make sure you meet the requirements. Again you must be generally on just ONE of the government programs. The program might include: Social Security, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and Free Lunch Program for Kids etc.
  • Send over the necessary paperwork. Again in the paperwork, will NOT include any credit checks or any other requests that will pull your credit report. Remember, these are free government phones for poor people or people who have fallen on hard times. So you will not have to compromise your financial information to get a free phone.

There are some really nice perks to these free mobile phone programs. Some of which is that you can get a free phone, you get 250 free minutes a month, free 911, free customer care and in some cases free text messaging (with some restrictions).

The Reduced Cost Landline Service Link Up Service

It’s important to also note that there is also a Life Line Link up program. If you only want a wireline phone and aren’t interested in a free wireless government phone. Also important to note is that you can only have one or the other. For example should you get an Assurance Mobile Phone you can’t go and apply for a Verizon Line Phone. These Life Line landline phone’s also are NOT free. Typically they are around $15-20 dollars a month.

So there you have it, you are able to get a free phone without credit check easily.