You would be able to publish and/or transfer digital images on the Internet, allowing your family, friends and acquaintances to view them. This feature is offered through both applications and free photo sharing websites that facilitate the uploading and showcasing of photos. Free photo sharing websites enable users to organize and manage photos, assign keyword tags, send photos in various sizes, perform basic image editing and share pictures on their web page or blogs. Publishing of images is among the most popular features of Web 2.0 sites.

Free Photo Sharing Websites – Why Are They Popular?

Free photo sharing websites are undeniably getting more and more popular these days – millions of people from around the world use their service. In fact, last year alone, 141 million people visited Picasa and Flickr. There are a lot of reasons as to why free photo sharing websites are in demand.

Free photo sharing websites are an excellent tool that you can use to share images online, and they allow you to set up slideshow presentations that you can place on your web page or blog.

They offer a great and convenient way to organize your image portfolios. Free photo sharing websites offer simple steps to create, upload and organize personal pictures. You can even manage the privacy setting if you want so that you can restrict folder access to just a couple of family members and friends, or have them accessible to the public.

Free photo sharing websites gives you the ability to print posters, calendars, prints, booklets and stamps using your pictures. This feature is very helpful to business owners who want their brand name to be recognized.

Majority of these websites enable users to create virtual communities. This provides excellent online advertising opportunities for a lot of companies and organizations.

Free photo sharing websites also offer photo-editing features, meaning users who do not pre-edit their pictures on their PC can do modifications on them after the pictures have been uploaded on these free photo sharing websites.

These sites can be utilized to generate certified website traffic. In addition, free photo sharing websites can give search engine-related benefits as well.

Such websites have made a niche for themselves. Free photo sharing websites have turned into a target market and are capable of generating resources and revenues.

Free photo sharing websites offer simple and insightful user interface. They have basic features of viewing, tweaking and uploading photos as well. And the best part is that a certificate of qualification or experience is not required to sign up for these sites.

They provide users a sense of community participation through sharing of images. Users can share images to other users and develop of a connection of friendship and unity. This enhances a sense of active community involvement. Users can team up on a certain project as well. It's also an excellent way of sharing memories of various events happened in a person's life.

Another great thing about free photo sharing websites is its assimilation of information. Users living in one part of the globe can quickly obtain information from another part of the globe. A lot of news websites utilize pictures as well in order to assimilate information in an instant.

3 Free Photo Sharing Websites


Flickr is among the most popular free photo sharing websites available out there. Those who are new to these types of sites can easily and quickly learn how to make their own picture gallery. For more experienced users, they can use the various add-ons and tools offered by Flickr. Basic account members are given 100MB of photo storage capacity and 2 video uploads every month, while premium account users have unlimited photo and video uploads, and can browse without being bothered by ads. Social networking options are also available, giving you the capability to add friends and join groups on this website. Flickr's popularity and ease of access definitely makes it an excellent place to exhibit your images on the Internet, and it's a great method of getting your photos noticed by people visiting the website.


This website enables users to upload all their images and video onto their account and share them with family and friends (which they can view without the need to create their own account). You can share images via IM, mobile links and e-mail. Photobucket also features an editor, built-in organizer and search tool to assist you search for your pictures quickly. It also has a scrapbook creator wherein you can make printed and online scrapbooks (all with the use of an easy drag and drop tool). Photobucket even comes with a slideshow creator that will allow you to make slideshow presentations and post them on your web page or blog.


SmugMug users can upload unlimited amount of images without having to worry about ads or spam. You can even do account customization by modifying the graphics, layout, colors and fonts, as well as buy presents such as holiday cards, photo books, framed prints and posters, all at fantastic prices. You also don't have to worry about having your images deleted as SmugMug got you covered. They have teamed up with to securely backup your images using their network of data servers. If you want to recover them, all you need to do is download or burn the photos onto a DVD. SmugMug offers a free trial, but there are 3 various cost levels for premium accounts (starting at $5 a month).


If free photo sharing websites like Flickr doesn't appeal to you and you want something that is more sophisticated where you can present your pictures in style, then you may want to consider using Zenfolio. The last review made by Bright Hub on Zenfolio was a positive one. The website was praised for its user support, accessibility, and photographers' option to showcase and sell their photos on the Internet. It is quick and easy to create a digital portfolio on Zenfolio. A storage capacity of 2GB is given to basic account holders, which cost $25 a year, plus an additional 1GB storage space every time you renew your contract. This is one of the free photo sharing websites that has stylish and customizable templates, as well as a custom URL, full-screen slideshows, full control over security and photo rights and homepage music for you to create your very own image website.