Free photovoltaic panels are for people who appreciate the essential need to have solar energy, but who also realize that solar panels don't come cheap, not even with solar panel rebates and other assistance from the government.

The average cost for installation and solar material is nearly $15,000 to $20,000 dollars, which breaks down to about $12-$14 dollars a watt. Of course, your energy supplier, heating or electric company can provide more precise estimates for your area.

 But the bottom line is that having photovoltaic panels or solar panels in your home can often be worth even the installation outlay, consider many solar panel installations pay for themselves in around 6-10 years, sometimes sooner depending on your amount of heating usage currently in your home.

 The good news is that there are ways to go about getting free photovoltaic panels for your home. Most people aren't even aware that you may not have to pay for solar panels if you go about it in the right way.

 How to Get Free Solar Panels:

  1. You'll want to list as many solar panel manufacturers you can think of. You can do an internet search or look in your local yellow pages, for any local manufacturers and suppliers. The idea is that you'll want to be able to work quickly down your list, because frankly you may hear many no's before you hear yes's.

  2. Call each solar panel manufacturer and supplier directly and ask if they can give you free used or slightly damaged photovoltaic panels. Many suppliers will just throw panels away that have been damaged in any way. However, most of these panels that haven't been significantly damaged can still be used in homes. You will want to ask how bad the damage is, and if they are still usable.

  3. Go see the solar panels, once you get to a supplier or manufacturer who is willing to provide you with the amount you need for free. This will be more difficult if the solar panel suppliers aren't local. But consider going to inspect the panels even if the manufacturer is a couple hundred miles away. You should definitely consider the amount of savings you can realize.

  4. Arrange to pick up the free photovoltaic panels. You'll probably want to hire someone to help. Remember to handle these panels with care, as they can be easily damaged and you don't want to incur additional expense in having them repaired or thrown away.

  5. Hire someone to install your free solar panels or you could always research on how to DIY, if you have an installation background or are familiar with how to install these solar panels.

As you can see scoring free pv panels is possible when you go about approaching solar panel manufacturers and suppliers in the right way.

Often times these manufactures will discard pv panels with the slightest amount of damage, many more times they'll provide you with such a steep discount, it might as well had been for free.

Luckily, free or deeply discounted pv panels can be worth it in the long run, in terms of overall energy and heating savings.

Do you have any tips on getting free photovoltaic panels?