Being away from your family is hard on a good day. For military families it is very hard. It isn’t just one day and the job comes with its own risks. Having a way to call home and talk to your family is important, but it can also be expensive. That’s why free prepaid international calling card vouchers can be such a blessing to a family separated by distance.

 Reasons to Give Free Prepaid International Calling Card Vouchers

When it comes to purchasing calling cards and then giving them to be used as free prepaid international calling card vouchers there are a lot of great reasons to do that.Camouflage Cargo Military PantsCredit:

●     Military men and women are the reason you live in a free nation. Whether or not you understand or agree with the choices of the leadership, they are doing an amazing job and that alone is worth something.

●     If you were in their shoes you would want to be able to call your friends and family. They do too and it makes a great deal of sense.

●     Most military personal don’t choose to go overseas and leave their loved ones behind. They would much rather stay where the beds are nice, the food is good, and calling home is easy.

●     Some programs give calling cards to military men and women who have been injured and would have no other way of contacting home to let everyone know that they are alive and recovering.

How to Give Free Prepaid International Calling Card Vouchers

If you have phone cards to donate there are a few different ways that you can give your free prepaid international calling card vouchers.

●     Make a gift box. It is easy to find a lot of different places where you can give gift boxes. Phone cards make great additions for gift boxes and will go to the soldier who receives your gift box.Olive Green Military HatCredit:

●     Operation Shoebox has a program where they take old, used cell phones to give them to soldiers. However, you can also mail your prepaid phone cards to their address and they will get them to soldiers in need.

●     Soldiers’ Angels has a program where you can purchases one of their prepaid calling cards and have it sent to a specific soldier or to a soldier in need. These calling cards go to wounded men who need to call home to let their families know that they are alive and healing.

 How to Get Free Prepaid International Calling Card Vouchers

Knowing where to get help when you need it is a lot harder then giving. If you are a service person or you are a military family member and in need of free international calling cards here are some things that might help you to get them.

●     Talk to those around you. Many times the news of programs or help available can be spread if you talk with others. Friends, neighbors, and leaders may all know of programs in your area that can help.Ultra Force Black Jungle Military BootsCredit:

●     Contact one of the charities listed above. Many times they work through other avenues to get calling cards to those in need, but they may be willing to get free calling cards to you if you have a need.

●     Join any programs that are offered to you. Many times it is easy to say no to a program out of pride or because you don’t have need of it. However, later on you may need it and not be able to join. If you join when offered then you are more likely to get the help that you need and it’s always good to allow others to help support you. What you and your family are doing is a great thing.

●     USAFreeCall is a program that allows military men and women to call home and allows their families to make calls to them. Their program is easy to use and can give you the contact that you need. They also allow you to send free messages.

●     While not the same thing as free prepaid international calling card vouchers for military personal and their families, but many online calling card companies have discount for those in the military and for military families. If you can afford to go this route you can still save a lot of money by buying calling cards online.

 If you can, giving free prepaid international calling card vouchers for military families is a great thing to do for a number of reasons. Many charities have also made it an easy thing to do. If you are a military family or a person in the military there are some free calling card vouchers available. If that doesn’t work out there are also many calling card companies with reduced rates for the military. If you need support then make sure that you work to find it!