Where Can I Find Free Hanukkah Coloring Pages?

Preschool teachers, religious school teachers, day care providers and parents can find many resources for free printable Chanukah coloring pages for kids. Coloring is a quiet and calming activity for most children. When the excitement and activity level is high, especially during Chanukah season, having a few coloring pages run off as something to do can keep your children busy before the handing out of presents begins or the guests arrive for your celebration.

With eight nights of Chanukah, you can make your own coloring book out of the pages you give to your children. Give the pages to them all at once or give them one a night. Staple them together and you have a completed Chanukah book.

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You can even use these Chanukah coloring pages for kids as part of the gift wrapping. Cut out the pictures that have been colored in and tape of glue to gift bags or wrapped packages. You can even include a few completed coloring pages in care packages that are being sent to relatives or folded neatly into cards.

These pages can also be used for a variety of crafts and collages. This is great fine motor practice for little fingers. Just get scissors and glue and go to town!

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Every artist needs a great art set! This one contains 120 different pieces. There are many others available, fro washable ones for younger children to ones with different mediums for older children.

More Pages for You

Here are some resources for you to try. Add "dot com" to each name so that you can type in the site correctly.

Akhlah is a great Judaic resource for Hebrew School teachers. Not only are there free pages for Chanukah, there are many uses pages and worksheets for teaching the aleph bet and all Jewish holidays. It is my personal go-to teacher site.

Torah Tots is similar to Akhlah, as it is not only a resource for free printables, but for all aspects of Jewish learning. It is also a go-to site for my Hebrew School needs.

Crayola not only has pages to color, it also has Chanukah Bingo cards to download, invitations, and a dreidel to color and put together. You can use these for holiday games or party games at your family gathering.

Apples4theteacher is a wonderful website that I also use as a resource for my Girl Scout troop. In addition to holiday items, it also has thematic units to help teach about the holiday.

About also has a library full of activities that are free to print.

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These pages are not just for coloring with markers or crayons. They can be used with watercolor paints as well!

With so many choices available for free printable Chanukah coloring pages, you are sure to find ones that fit your child's or classroom's needs.