If you're moving into an apartment, a new living situation with someone who could be considered a landlord or if you're thinking of becoming a landlord, one of the most important steps is having a functioning lease agreement. Creating one yourself though, can be more than a little daunting.

Try this free printable lease agreement sample to get you started. It's best to recognize that this is not entirely comprehensive for all situatons. Some people may need much more information than this and some may need much less. Look into various free lease agreement samples if you need more ideas for what else to include.

Fill in the blanks, change any information that doesn't fit and even add things that you think are important.

This lease, dated ___________ is between ________ and ________:

1. Landlord

The Landlord is:


and will be referred to in this lease as the Landlord.

2. Tenant

The tenant is:


And will be referred to in this lease as the Tenant.

3. Rental Property

The Landlord agrees to rent to the tenant the property described as a house located at _____________________. The Landlord is leasing a house with one bedroom, one bath and a one car garage.

4. Term of Lease Agreement

The lease will begin on _____ and continue on a month-to-month basis until such time that the proper notice is given.

5. Use and Occupancy of Property

A. The only person living in the Leased Premises is: ______

B. The Tenant will use the property only as a residence.

C. Guests will be allowed at the Landlord's discretion.

6. Rent

A. The amount of rent is $___ to be paid monthly.

B. The rent is to be paid on or before the 1st week of the month.

C. Check payments will be made payable to _______.

D. A receipt will be given to the Tenant with each payment.

7. Appliances

A. Landlord will supply and maintain the following appliances: Washing machine, dryer, refrigerator and stove.

I. The Tenant will keep appliances provided by Landlord in good working order and shall report any malfunctions to the Landlord. Any damage sustained due to negligent misuse by the Tenant will become the full responsibility of the Tenant, either in the appliances repair or replacement.

II. If the Landlord refuses or is unable to repair one of the above items the Tenant may call in a specialist and deduct the cost of the repair from his rent.

II. The Tenant agrees the above items are the property of the Landlord and will remain on the premises when the lease term ends.

8. Condition of Property

A. The Tenant agrees to return the Leased Premises back to the Landlord in the same condition in which it was received.

B. Any damages noticed upon signing this agreement should be written here and acknowledged by the Landlord.







9. Insurance

A. The Landlord is not responsible for loss or damage that occurs to the Tenant's personal property, unless it is by the Landlord's negligence that it is lost or damaged.

B. It is the Tenant's responsibility to keep renter's insurance on items within the Leased Premise.

10. Ending the lease agreement

A. Either the Landlord or the Tenant may end the lease by giving 30 day's prior written notice.

11. Notices

A. Any notices mentioned in the lease shall be required to be in writing.

B. Notices may be provided in any of the following ways:

I. Regular mail

II. Personal delivery

III. Fax

IV. Certified or registered mail, return receipt requested

V. E-mail

By signing this lease, the Tenant certifies that he has read, understood and agrees to comply with all terms and conditions of this lease. This also certifies that he received the following: keys to the leased premises.

By signing this lease, the Landlord certifies that he has read, understood and agrees to comply with all the terms and conditions of this lease.

Tenant's signature: ________________________________ Date: _______

Landlord's signature: _____________________________ Date: ________

Remember, all lease agreements are different. It's important to read each one thoroughly before ever signing it. And never be afraid to haggle. You can even draft your own free printable lease agreement just to offer as an alternative. Many landlords are open to compromise.