According to sources there are now over 2 million people in jails and prisons across the United States. Another way to look at it is that one 1 out of every 142 Americans are currently behind bars. With these numbers it's no wonder that so many people often go online looking for free public arrest records. What does that say about our country and the way society develops individuals into citizens. Employers and even individuals in the dating scene often want to know who they could be talking to over lunch.

So how do you begin to search for these free public arrest records online? Well there are numerous sites out there that claim to have all the free public arrest records but they often end up forcing people to pay for the details. In most cases almost anything related to law enforcement documents can become common knowledge to the community if someone is savvy enough to go through the proper channels.

One way to go about getting free public arrest records is to pay a visit to the local police department or county courthouse to ask someone in charge. Of course this can vary in each location but some states even have free public arrest records available at official websites. It would be a good idea to visit the local and state website to see if there are any options like criminal lookup directories or something else along those lines.

Another option that is basically along the same lines as the method above is to write and request free public arrest records about the person in question. The address of the state and local law enforcement agencies in most areas can be easily found with a simple Google search. Just provide them with a means of contacting you should this be a good alternative to any of the other ways already mentioned here in this article.

If the money isn't really a big deal then a person can easily find several good sites with public arrest records online. In some situations this could be a better route to take so keep that in mind when going through the process. It would be bad to get the information back via mail the day after a date to find out that the guy has been arrested for numerous violations in the past.

I hope this guide to free public arrest records will be of use to those at home reading about the subject. Just keep in mind that individuals don't have to disclose these details to employers and this information cannot be disclosed about minors as well.