Free radicals can cause mutations leading to heart disease and cancer

Medically speaking, the term "free radical" refers to an uncharged atom within a human cell.  In your body, free radicals are typically unstable oxygen molecules that are capable of stealing an electron from a neighboring stable molecule.  This process is called oxidfree radicals and antioxidants(113310)ation, or "cellular rust".  You can see the process of oxidation in action simply by slicing an apple and watching it turn brown.  Whereas, in humans, a cell that is damaged by free radicals can cause mutations that potentially result in conditions such as heart disease, memory loss and cancer.

Free radicals are both good and bad

Having these “uncharged atoms” in your cells is both good and bad. It’s when you fail to “recharge” them properly that they become bad! They are no different than the battery in your cell phone that needs to be recharged on a regular basis.

Your immune system depends on free radicals to serve as health providers whenever you have a bruise, injury, or illness. Sort of like paramedics, they help the affected cells in your body return to a healthy state. You know they are present when you see inflammation. So free radicals are not always bad.

You must "feed" free radicals with every meal you consume

They are present in yovitamins fend off free radicalsur body at all times and they must be “recharged” with every meal you consume. They will become dangerous to your health if you ignore their needs. And only YOU have control over their diet! And if you feed them foods that are rich in anti-oxidants, you will be fine.

However, if you feed them foods that do not offer anti-oxidants, they will reject it and begin to take what they need from your healthy cells. Once this begins, a chain reaction will follow and you will be subject to every disease you can imagine. Fresh fruits and vegetables (raw or juiced) are the best deterrent. supplementation can also be beneficial if your diet does not include sufficient antioxidant foods.

The average American diet contains little or no anti-oxidants!

Perhaps the most perplexing things about free radicals are obesity and aging. We all know that overeating is the primary cause of obesity. There are theories, but I believe that overeating is caused by our own body begging us to give it the nutrients it needs. If you examine the average American diet, it is all but totally void of nutrients!

“If everyone took nutritional supplements, you would see a considerable decrease in medical bills, and an increase in health and life expectancy and less degenerative disease.” – Dr Bruce Ames

Nearly all disease in humans is caused by free radicals

Many people (including some doctors) believe that obesity is caused by hormone imbalance. True, it is. But what do you think causes hormone imbalance? That’s right, free radicals! Aside from genetics and birth defects, nearly every disease or disorder of the human body is caused by a free radical rampage.

The health care costs of obesity in the United States are breath taking. In 2008, these costs totaled about $147 billion and are still growing. It is becoming an insurmountable problem. Nearly all of those costs could be totally eliminated with some simple changes in our diet. And yet, our attitude seems almost complacent. As though the problem didn’t even exist!

It seems that all of us, somewhere between the age of 35 and 50 would like for time to stop. Aging is something that few of us accept willingly. And free radicals are a huge factor in aging. We can’t stop the aging process but we can diminish the unwanted outward appearances of it with an antioxidant rich diet.

anti aging foods

Vitamin C is effective at scavenging free radicals, preventing damaging oxidation reactions in the body, and stimulating the immune system, thus slowing the aging process. – Phyllis A. Balch, CNC

Why are the Japanese the longest living humans on Earth?

Humans are a member of the mammal family. And the longest living mammal on earth is the whale. In fact, it lives so long we are not even sure what their life span is, although we believe it to be around 200 years. Whales live in the largest provider of killer whale(113457)antioxidants on earth… the ocean. Do you suppose there is a connection?

The Japanese are the healthiest and longest living humans on earth. Their diet consists largely of fish and sea vegetables. If you prefer not to eat raw fish and seaweed for dinner, try adding some anti-aging supplements to your diet. You may not live beyond your expected life span, but you will look better.

Just remember, when it comes to your health do everything you can to limit the “uncharged molecules” and increase the antioxidants. It’s no different than the car you drive. It might run on alcohol and water but it won’t last long. Your body might run on burgers and fries, but it will run better and last longer on foods and supplements that are teeming with antioxidants.

“Plants and grains do not induce the deadly cascade of radicals. Even better, they carry an antidote.. antioxidants.” – Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn