You wake up late because it's unusually dark outside, you open the blinds and see a gray sky and a fine drizzle soaking the back yard. There will be no trip to the playground today, no bike riding and definitely no trip to the beach. You need a plan of action to turn this dull day into one filled with fun and laughter. rainy dayCredit:

There are plenty of fun things to do without even leaving your home:

Hide and seek is a good straightforward way to start. Try some variations  like "sardines", only one person hides in this game and everyone seeks. When someone finds the person who is hiding they squeeze into their hiding spot with them and so on until there is one person left seeking and everyone else squashed into the same hiding place giggling.

Make a shadow theatre. It is nice and dark outside which is perfect for this activity. Have your children make characters on paper or card and help them to cut them out. Stick the characters to popsicle sticks or hang them on string if they need to fly. Hang a plain white sheet up between 2 chairs or over a rope and put a lamp behind the sheet (close supervision is obviously a must). It is a good idea to do a puppet show for your children first to show them how it functions and then give them a chance to do one themselves. Raucous laughter is guaranteed. Don't forget to make a movie of this one if you are able to.

Dance party time! Put on some of your favorite music nice and loud and dance around your home. You can play follow-the-leader and lead each-other around all the rooms copying the leader's dance moves. Freeze dance, where you stop the music and everyone freezes, and musical bumps, where you drop onto the floor when the music stops, are also great games to play during your dance party.

When it is time to bring the energy down, you are probably getting rather tired at this point, have a calm game of "squiggles". One of you makes a random squiggle on a piece of paper and the nexRain bootsCredit: freerangestock.comt person turns that squiggle into a recognizable picture, everyone takes turns.

If you simply must get out of the house, restaurants often have certain afternoons during the week where kids eat free. Do some research and find the available deals in your area. You can also visit your local mall, if you do not mind the crowds. Many malls have free play areas for kids or your children may just like to have a walk around and ride on the escalators with you. Make sure you bring hand sanitizer!