The first ring tone for mobile phones were the monophonic ringtones which were first put out by Nokia. Next to come was the polyphonic ring tones which were a step better but still sounded fairly cheesy. Now, the next step on the ladder are realtones. Realtones are basically songs which are used as ringtones and use the MP3 format, or sometimes a different format. The MP3 format is basically just a compressed song. Free realtones are available from a wide variety of different sources; this is because it is one of the easiest ringtones that you can get. In order to get your free realtones ringtones, you need three things.

The first thing that you need is obviously a mobile phone that plays MP3s. Most modern-day phones will be able to make use of these free music realtones because of the capacity to play these MP3s. If you don't have a cell phone that can play MP3 tracks then you should look at downloading either monophonic or polyphonic ringtones. You can find out if your phone has the capability of playing free realtones by either contacting your mobile phone distributor or contacting the phone manufacturer directly. Or you can try to find information on your model of phone on the internet. Most phone manufacturers will have a website where you can find information regarding your particular mobile phones capacity to download and play a realtone.

The next thing that you need to do is to choose an MP3 realtone for your ring tone. The best way that you can get free realtones is by going through your own music collection. By going to your own music collection first you are guaranteed to find a ring tone which you will like, because it is your music and therefore your taste. Another good place, if you can't find anything in your own collection, is through one of your friend's music collections. Even if your friends are on the other side of the world they can send realtones to you by e-mail. Other places are the public library where you will have a wide choice of CDs to take a home. Peer-to-peer sites are another option, although here you must be very careful of copyright infringement. You can also go to the website of the original artists where you can download tracks. Once you have the track that you want, you can splice and mix until you get the perfect part of the files for your ring tone. Google the term "free ringtones resources" for splicing and mixing software.

Lastly, you need to transfer your new realtones from your PC or laptop onto your mobile phone. There are many different ways of doing this. It will really depend on the make and model of mobile phone that you own. You can use the Bluetooth capability on your computer and phone to transfer tracks and one to the other. You can also use a data cable to transfer these tracks. Another method is to use the phones external memory card as a means of taking the tracks from your computer and placing them on to your cell phone.