An unknown secret about getting the same redbox, blockbuster or hollywood video movies but for free.


Redbox is very popular in many states well known for the best $1 rent for 1 night. This is great for a family night at home for a very reasonable price however if you do want to rent the movie for an extra night they will charge you a dollar. Blockbuster and Hollywood video rent their movies for $3-4 dollars per movie and depending if it's a new release of how many days you can check them out. How about a never having to pay an extra dollar and being able to see the movie for 7 days or more and pay no extra fees.

Free New Movie Releases from the library

Many people don't know that anyone can get the same redbox movies at the library all you need is a library card and it's free. They have the latest and newest movies from as early as 1900s through 2010 you are able to put them on hold also were no one gets the movies but you. The library will give you an instant notification to your email to come pick up the movies when they are ready the time differs in different states but it usually takes 3 days to get your movies if you know what movie you want it is very convenient. If you do not know what movies are out you can get an instant email from wowbrary. View it in the comfort of your own home. Your local library also has a website were you can go online and if you would like to renew your movie. If you have a favorite childhood movie you want to see they will have it for you. Here are some of the title categories that you can choose from. Horror, classic, comedy, documentaries, drama, featured films, concerts, foreign films, health & fitness, instructional & interactive, kids & teens, television, travel and more.

Free Wowbrary Account

Wowbrary is free to sign up and it's linked to your local library and will send you notifications on the newest movies that anyone can check out. All you have to do is go to

Receive free weekly email alerts, discover the latest DVD's and reserve bestsellers instantly, enjoy early notifications and its completely private and spam free. View it in the comfort of your own home.

Pass on all these best kept secrets to your family and friends all around the world. Don't forget to look at your local library calendar for upcoming events for the whole family. Libraries have free movie nights also and free clubs for children to interact in. Check out free magic shows or whatever is available in your city.

Renewing movies and library fines

Your local library also has a website were you can go online and if you would like to renew your movies for longer they have that option to do so. However if you do forget to renew your movies late charges would be no more than 25 cents unlike the redbox or blockbuster video late fees and movie rentals can be quite expensive.