If you're looking into a free sample eulogy or two to help you write one for your loved one, you'll notice that it can be hard to add just a little bit of humor to the eulogy. Now, there's nothing wrong with a little bit of humor. It helps to add to the feeling—helps you to remember them as they truly were. So, here are a few tips to help you add a tiny bit of humor, using a free sample eulogy to help you out.

Think of a Great Memory

This memory can be something silly, something slightly not-so-humorous, or it can just be a special moment that didn't make any sense at the time...but now it's really funny. Whatever it is, you can use a free sample eulogy with a similar moment in it and then use it in order to word yours in a manner that you find appealing. The main thing? Make sure it's a memory that's important to you. It could be the absolutely silliest thing on earth...but as long as it means something special to you—it's important enough. You might have to search for a free sample eulogy with what you want, but that's alright. It's just part of the process.

Avoid Anything Embarrassing

Now isn't the time to mention the last time they got tipsy and started talking to a suit or armor that wasn't ever alive. This is when you should definitely pull out a free sample eulogy and see what precisely it has going on as far as any bit of humor goes. You don't want anything crude, you don't want anything that you would find offensive or that you think their grandmother wouldn't want to hear if she was sitting in the audience. If your own grandmother would chase after you with a broom or threaten to wash your mouth out with soap, then you know it's not good. Normally, however, a free sample eulogy is in great taste and will give you the best idea of what would be acceptable.

Keep it PG

Again, as stated before and as you will see in a free sample eulogy, you want what you say to be in perfect taste and to be something that you would gladly tell your newborn as your first words to them. It might not be the absolutely best representation of your friend, especially if they were in the party scene...but it's something that their family can smile on. You can also tweak a less than amicable memory if necessary. There are many great examples of this in a free sample eulogy.

Keep it Lighthearted

Not is truly not the time for dark humor, as you might notice while you look over a free sample eulogy. Your best bet is to stick to light humor—something that even a kid would get and something that everyone gets at least a half-hearted smile out of. The small amount of humor will be greatly appreciated—something that a free sample eulogy cannot show you.

Pick Something That Almost Everyone Remembers

Or do a great job of describing it in a way that paints a picture for everyone else. No one enjoys hearing about a piece of humor that they can't remember or that doesn't really make any kind of sense to them. This is another way that you can use a free sample eulogy or a poem—or anything that you can think of. But, try to keep it as short as possible—the anecdote itself should last no longer than two minutes. There's still a lot more that needs to be said. You can look at the word count on a free sample eulogy to get a general idea of how much to say for what part.

Take Breaks

During this time, although you may not be able to tell it through a free sample eulogy, you will be exhausted. There will be loads of things that you won't remember that will suddenly come back to you while you're examining other memories. You're going to get worn out extremely easily while you're writing your loved one's eulogy. You have to keep in mind that not only will you have to write it, but read it. Think carefully and make sure that you do something completely unrelated during your breaks. Don't even think about the eulogy during the breaks. Don't even look up a free sample eulogy. Save your energy—it'll pay off later on.

Have fun

While writing a eulogy—even if you're just writing a free sample eulogy!--can be stressful, it's still something that you need to have fun with. Even if it's just in remembrance of the person whom you lost....Make sure that you write something that you KNOW they would be proud to hear if they were still there. That's the important thing—that you feel as if you've not only done them justice, but that you also did something that would make them smile. Not one eulogy you find online can give you that piece of mind. This isn't saying that you shouldn't use a free sample eulogy—but to take it with a grain of salt if possible...and try to make something extraordinary by yourself.

Take It From the Heart

People don't realize, even while reading a free sample eulogy—just how much they say when they take something from the heart. This is not only a gift to the family who will greatly appreciate it—but it's something that everyone will be able to feel and appreciate! A free sample eulogy aside!

These are just a few tips to add a bit of lighthearted humor to a eulogy to help to comfort not only you, but the family and to also give a better idea of what precisely the person was all about. You don't need a free sample eulogy to write about your family members—but it certainly gives you a much better idea of what you COULD write if you had it on your mind!