Why are free samples so popular? The answer is obvious, because they are free. Why would a company offer you a free sample? Let me elaborate it a little, any manufacturer would like its product to gather huge sales and this can be possible only when people would know about it. Giving away free samples is a great way to generate public awareness about a product in a short time. The key idea that company's target is to keep people talking about their product and the word of mouth creates all the advertising they are looking for.

The next idea that promotes the companies to come up with free samples schemes is the cost effectiveness of this form of advertising. It is not unlikely for many companies to sense that the result that they get from costly TV ads and banner ads can be achieved more effectively by investing half the sum into free giveaways.

Many big companies see giving free samples as just another way of advertising and use it often along with other ads. People take freebies hand to hand, use them and comment on them on forums and in their acquaintances and in this way awareness about the product is created with population really knowing it and having tested it. Thus it is likely to gather higher sales over other competitive products.

When a particular thing gets popular online, it is likely for a large number of websites to crop up and soak their hands in the pool. As about free samples you can find a large number of websites offering what that is too good to be true but hardly legitimate. Although it can’t be denied that there are genuine websites too that actually help users with free samples offers. It only requires a little wisdom on your part to segregate the legitimate ones from the fake ones.

Where to find free samples?

The best way to find free samples is to look at the place where they originate. Most of the free trials originate from the companies that manufacture them. So it is a good idea to go to various manufacturers’ websites and look for offers about free giveaways. If there is no offer at hand you can leave a query with respect to your interests along with your email id, so that you can be prompted later when any such an offer arises.

Free Samples

Anther way to search for free samples online is to look for legitimate websites that offer one-stop information regarding free giveaways from different categories of businesses. You are just required to sign up with your details and they will keep you updated with different attractive offers time to time.

Many of these websites contain links that can take you to the websites that is actually offering free samples of a particular product. Use your search engine to find reliable directories offering free products and get your inbox brimming with free sample offers.

You can also take the advantage of various online forums in this regard. These forums are filled with views of many people talking on a similar topic and you can get handy and practical information about a subject. A forum can lead you to sites that are really offering free samples and at the same time they are also helpful in warning you against various scams out there on the web.

Does it require doing surveys and posting comments for getting free samples?

In general completing a short survey or agreeing to post a review for a free sample is not a bad idea but beware of the sites asking you token money in various forms for processing the freebies. In general free samples mean samples given free for getting the public opinion and gathering public interest. Look for those offers for which you don’t have to invest a penny.