All women want to know secret beauty tips and tricks to look their best.  Your face communicates with the world.  Taking good care of your skin can help you present the best version of yourself possible.  Tips and tricks that you can implement to help you achieve beautiful skin are list below.

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  1. Moisturize. I know you have heard beauty experts emphasize the importance of moisturizing your face.  Well, it’s true, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best moisturizer around.  Some of the top spas in the world use this very trick; however, they would never admit a tip this simple and cheap produces suck an excellent result.  The spa secret for moisturizing is petroleum jelly.  Yes, petroleum jelly is greasy, so you will need to use it very sparingly.  Wash your face well and while your face is still wet rub a small amount of petroleum jelly over your face. Use extra water to rub the petroleum jelly evenly over the face, so your face does not appear greasy.  If your face still feels greasy, continue to add small amounts of water to the face. Your face will feel so soft and smooth.                                                                                                        
  2. Exfoliate. To excite your cells and stimulate collagen, you must exfoliate.  Even Heidi Klum has professed exfoliation as her ultimate beauty secret.  Now, the exfoliation mechanism is the actual secret.  The secret exfoliation mechanism is Miracle Whip, not mayonnaise.  Miracle Whip salad dressing removes the dead skin on your face. Spread a small amount of Miracle Whip on your face and allow it to dry for five to 10 minutes.  Before the Miracle Whip completely dries massage the face with your fingertips and begin rubbing vigorously. You will be amazed at the amount of dead skin that comes off into your hands. Wash face clean.  You may also use Miracle Whip on the hands, elbows, knees and feet.
  3. Reduce Acne and Splotches. Acne and splotches on the face often result from an imbalance of pH on your face. For splotches, pour some apple cider vinegar into a basin with warm water and splash the mixture on your face. Let this mixture soak into the face and dry naturally without using a towel. If used regularly (i.e., once per day), the pH balance will be restored, as well as the acid mantle to your skin.  For acne sufferers, do not splash apple cider vinegar on your face. Rather spray apple cider vinegar over the face and allow the mist to dry naturally.  Make sure you start with a clean face. 
  4. Get Fresh Eyes. Eye cream is one of the best selling beauty products on the market.  However, there is a home product that works fabulous for rejuvenating your eyes and adding moisture at little cost.  The secret beauty tip product is odorless form of castor oil. Before going to sleep at night, apply castor oil around the eyes to moisturize and strengthen the skin.  Plastic surgeons use castor oil on their patients after surgery to help in recovery process and reduce swelling. For extra fresh eyes, place cucumbers over the eyes after applying the castor oil.
  5. Clean Pores. Deep cleaning your pores is important to achieving a blemish-free face. To deep clean, bring a large pot of water to a boil.  Set the pot on a table and add lemon juice or a lemon peel, as well as add any herbs that you may have on hand, such as rosemary, basil, thyme or mint.  Pull your hair back or cover your hair with a shower cap.  Place a towel over your head while leaning over the pot.  Allow the towel to drape completely over the pot and your head.  Hold your face approximately 12 inches from the pot. Let the steam open your pores and hold your face over the pot for approximately 15-20 minutes.  Afterward, rinse your face with ice cold water to close the opened pores.  Only use once per week to prevent the depletion of natural oils from your face. 
  6. Firm up your skin.  To firm up your skin, use a setting lotion. First, exfoliate your face with Miracle Whip or with sugar and oatmeal. Sugar and oatmeal will eliminate any dry skin, so fresh new skin is exposed. Setting lotion works best on exfoliated skin, as dry skin is dead and cannot be revived through any moisture regimen. To make a setting lotion, add gelatin to warm water.  Allow the gelatin to dissolve in the water and rub the mixture across your face.  Allow the mixture to absorb into the face.  For an extra firm-setting lotion, make Jello using your favorite flavor.  Once your Jello is made and ready to eat, spread it over your face like a jelly lotion.  Allow Jello to absorb into the skin and rinse.  Be careful not to leave the Jello on your face too long, as the dye in the Jello could discolor your skin. 
  7. Dry-Up Boils and Pimples.  No one wants a pimple or a blemish.  People spend millions of dollars every year on acne products when the best acne products are most likely sitting in your refrigerator or cabinet. Baking soda is a natural antiseptic and fights bacteria and fungus often found on the face, hands and body.  Mix your baking soda with water to create a paste.  Dab baking soda on the blemish and let it dry.  You may apply the paste before bed and leave it on over night.  Many people recommend toothpaste.  However, if the toothpaste does not contain baking soda, it will not kill the bacteria on the surface of the skin and underneath the skin. After washing your face, place some lemon juice on a cotton ball. Rub the lemon juice on the pimple.  Do not rub the lemon juice off the face.  Rather let it soak into the blemish.  The juice from the lemon will also kill the bacteria and dry out the pimple.  Additionally, this mechanism will prevent discoloration of the skin when the blemish is healing.