Computer antivirus software can help you keep your computer fully secured, free from viruses, spyware, but many of them come at a price. Thankfully, no one ever said you need to spend hundreds of dollars on computer security software to keep your system running smoothly.

When it comes to free computer security software, we'd like to offer some great, free applications to keep your system happy. To start off with an anti virus program, one of the best applications out there is AVG Anti Virus. A Pro version is available for a price, which includes spyware tools, firewall security, registry cleaners and more. However, if you simply need basic anti virus protection, there is also a free edition available for the taking. It does a pretty good job at keeping viruses at bay, and it's regularly updated.

Of course, merely relying on computer virus repair is not enough to keep a computer secured. Spyware and adware are notorious for sneaking into your system without notice, even with the popular computer security software out on the market. For this reason, you need to download Spyware Search & Destroy. This is a powerful tool that cleans every single piece of spyware available, and it uses an "immune system" to keep those pests away from your PC once wiped. It includes a great tool to help clean your registry, and regular updates are available to keep your PC clean.

Need a little more to keep a clean computer? You owe it to yourself to get a free copy of Glarys Utilities. This is a suite of powerful tools that range from registry cleaners, file splitters, duplicate file finders, methods to un-delete your files, disk analysis, file encryption, and much more. In short, this is free computer security at its finest.

If your computer has already been hijacked by malware or a new computer virus, feel free to obtain a copy of Hijack This. Developed for the more experienced user, Hijack This gives you a thorough report of your registry and computer settings to better help you analyze the root of an existing problem. However, it does not assist you in fully determining what should belong in your registry and what needs to go. As free computer security goes, it is only recommended for computer experts or someone who is somewhat familiar with what goes on deep inside your Operating System.

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