As a writer, it is important to write an article that has no spelling and grammar mistakes. Even though there are really times that we commit some mistakes but that is not an excuse. Since we communicate with our audience by writing, it is important that we must be careful on what we write so that they can be able to understand well what we are trying to tell them.  

Proofreading your work is already hard for some people like me.  Sometimes even if you thought that you already proofread your article well there are instances that spelling and grammar mistakes will slip your sight and you will not notice.

Grammar Checker

I came across some sites that check spelling, punctuation and grammar when I became a member of InfoBarrel.  Since InfoBarrel is really strict in checking grammar and spelling mistakes, I tried to search some FREE sites that will help me correct my grammar and spelling issues before submitting my article. So let me introduce some of them:

1.) Ginger

This is the first grammar checker site that I discovered when I searched about free sites that correct spelling and grammar mistakes. Ginger Grammar Checker corrects grammar and suggests corrections on your work.  You can download it for free.

If you do not want to download it, you can use their 600 character demo when you visit their site. Like what I said Ginger does not only correct your spelling and grammar mistakes, it also suggests alternative sentence structure but sometimes the alternative sentence is not correct either. There is also a limit when you want to test their 600 character demo.  If you want to enjoy the unlimited access to Ginger, you have to be a premium member wherein you will have to pay a certain fee according to the plan you choose.          

Ginger grammar tool claims that it corrects all types of grammatical mistakes that are not done by other grammar correction program like subject verb agreement, singular/plural nouns, consecutive nouns, misused words correction, consecutive nouns, and contextual spelling correction but eventhough I used Ginger most of the times I still noticed that there is still many grammar issues that were bypassed by this site.     

2.) Reverso

Reverso is a free service tool and if you want quick access on their tools you can download their toolbar and you can enjoy all their features in your browser. They offer translation, dictionary, conjugation, grammar and spell check.

Even though there is a limit of 600 characters with Reverso’s online grammar checker, there is no limit in using Reverso unlike in Ginger. Reverso is being financed by their advertiser that is why using their site is free. They do not have to charge their users to be able to use their service. They also advise their users not to rely on their tools exclusively on their results since there are cases when they skipped mistakes to limit the display of warnings.  Reverso also have different tools that might help you understand why the corrections are made to your texts. You can search in their dictionary, conjugator and interactive grammar.

3.) NounPlus

NounPlus offers an online free grammar checker for free.  The site is easy to use. You will get the results instantly.  You do not have to download their tool bar. There are no limits when you want to use their site.  And what I like about the site is that there is no character limits unlike in Ginger and Reverso. Even if my paragraphs are long, they were instantly checked by NounPlus.  I do not have to chop my articles for them to be checked and be corrected.  NounPlus corrects error, check spelling mistakes, suggests and shows the corrections they made on your sentences. And because the site is simple to use even kids can easily understand how NounPlus works. Your text is also safe with them because they do not record or save your text. It is also available in many platforms.  You can use it in your android, iPhone and iPad.      

4.) After the Deadline

After the Deadline can help you in checking spelling mistakes, it detects misused words, check styles, check grammars and it explains errors on your sentence.  You can also add it to your web applications. It is available as a plugin for self-hosted WordPress blogs, a plugin for bbPress forums, an add-on for the Firefox web browser, an extension for the Google chrome web browser and many more but you cannot use it in Microsoft Word. It supports other languages like French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.  

There is a demonstration button that you can use if you do not want to download the software.     

5.) Spell Check Plus

To use Spell Check Plus, you just have to copy your text and paste it into the main window and click the Check Text button. Your text will be flagged if it has errors. Feedback will appear on the right side of the screen if you move your cursor over the errors. The maximum number of words that can be submitted is 500 words. The site is available for free but if you want to try SpellCheckPlus Pro for $15/year to avoid advertising and avail many advantages, you may also do so. There is no limit on the number of words under Pro account. Only English language is supported in this site. 

What Can I Say

I have already tried all of these sites; each site has its own ups and downs. Ginger checks most of the spelling and grammar mistakes and suggests alternative sentence structure on your paragraph but it has limits. Reverso has no limits when you want to use it but there is limit on the characters you have to submit for checking.  In NounPlus, there is no downloading needed and there are no limits on characters and the times you wanted to use it. After the Deadline and Spell Check Plus also have their own characteristics.

All of us have different experienced and choices when we use a site so it is up to you to discover what sites really fit for you.

Online grammar checker is helpful in improving our writing. But I do not recommend on relying only with these sites since there are times that grammar mistakes where not corrected and alternative sentences that is being suggested are not appropriate with the sentence structure. For me, eventhough I use some of these sites, I still check my own work and seek my friend’s help if needed before I submit my articles.