Have you seen some of your friends on Facebook share their pictures that looks like a comic strip before? And when you saw it, isn’t it that you also wanted to create your own and wonder how did they created that? I am one of those who didn’t create any comic strips not because I am not a fan of comics, but because I just do not have the time to create my own. But since I think that many of my friends used that application I started to collect some free sites to create and share your own comic strips. 

Create Your Own Comic

Listed below are the free sites that I guess you will be interested in learning about how you can create your own comics:

1.) Bitstrips

Bitstrips became popular in Facebook because it introduces a fun, new way to communicate, interact and express your feelings with your friends.  I guess it is the first comic site that became popular in social media. The site is really easy to use. You can send greeting cards to your family and friends. You can share your comics with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. You can also send it through e-mail or SMS.

2.) Pixton

Pixton is fun, quick and easy to use. You can collaborate and create your comics with your friends if you want to create your project in a group.  You can edit the shape and position of your comics. You can move your own characters and they have unlimited range of expression to choose from.  You can style your words and upload your own images. You can design your own character whether your character is an animal or people. There are also available templates to help you get started. And if you think you already created your own funny comic strips, you can share it with your friends to make them laugh.       

Here is a tutorial video that might help you how to use Pixton. 

3.) ToonDoo

ToonDoo is a comic tool site that kids would really enjoy doing.  It is a free site that is very educational not just for kids but also for adults alike. The site was created especially for people who wanted to express themselves in a new way but doesn’t have the talent to draw. You can express your views, opinions or just have fun by creating comic strips just by clicking, dragging and dropping. They also have contests but you will not win anything. You will just have the chance to be featured in their ToonDoo Hall of Fame and you will be proud to share your work.       

4.) Toonlet

Toonlet is another way of creating your story by comics.  In order to make a comic you have to register an account with them. If you do not know how to make a comic with the site, they have tutorials and there is also an option if you want to tour with the site first to know more about it. They have an easy “make a comic” utility. They have different packs that you can choose from. The packs were created by different artists. You can create your own character. You can change the hair, eyes, nose and eyebrows.  You can also flip, rotate, scale and move your drawing. You can also put eye glasses or hats. The site is really easy and fun to use.  

5.) Rage Generator

Registration is also needed in Rage Generator if you want to enjoy more features on creating your comics. Don’t worry, registration is free. Among the comic templates, people and expressions you can choose from are 2-Panel, Actually Not Okay, Angry, Angry 2, Cereal-Newspaper, Determined, Determined-Focused, Dolan, Female Black 1-3, Female Blonde 1-3, Female Brunette 1-3, Female Red 1-3, Happy, Happy 2, Laughing, Madagascar, Malicious Troll, Malicious Troll 2, Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous 2, Neutral, Neutral2, Pleasure, Popular, Rage, Sad, Sad 2, Some Time Later 1-4, Stupidity, Surprised-Amazed and Text Accessories.            

6.) Make Beliefs Comix

If you do not want to register on a site, Make Beliefs Comix is the right one for you. No registration is needed to enjoy the many features of the site.  Whether you are a teacher who wanted to train your student or a parent who want to spend some quality time with your kids and at the same time enjoy and learn from the site, Make Beliefs Comix is for you. You can download a comic template to print, write and color.  Among the printable categories are: A Book of Questions, About You, Aliens, Animal Fun, Arts, Autism Spectrum, Emotions, Blank Comix Templates, Blessings & Prayers, Bullying & Peer Pressure, Civil Rights, Comedy/Celebrity, Digital Write-Ables, Discovery, Doodle Pages, Dream Seeds, Electrons & Political, Emotions, Empathy, Environment & Ecology, Family, Food, Future, Friendship, Games, Health, Heroes, History, Holidays & Celebrations and many more.  The languages supported by Make Belief are English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Latin. You can share your work through Facebook, Twitter or email it to your friends. 

7.) Comic Master

Comic Master allows you to create your own short graphic novel. The first thing you will do is to choose the number of rows you wanted to put on your book.  After that you will add your background. Add a character, a caption or a dialogue on your comics.  You can also add some special effects and after you are satisfied with your work you can save and print your work. Registration is needed if you want to save your work.  

8.) Write Comics

The site is very easy to use. No registration needed. You cannot create your own character. They have their own characters and backgrounds to choose from. You can just add dialogues. When your work is finished, you will get your link to share with your friends. You can save your work and you can also print it directly from your computer.

What Can I Say

I really admire sites that help people do things that they can’t do like the sites that I have listed above.  These sites help us create comics even if we do not know how to draw.  Not only that, we can create our own comics for free.  But even though these sites were free to use there are certain rules to follow especially if you wanted to use it for commercial use. And if you are already convinced enough to create your own comics why don’t you try one of these sites and see how your friends and audiences react.