One of the great things about living in a free society is that you have the chance to speak your mind about any subject. This being said it is also the worst thing about a free society.

Politicians have cornered the market on free speech, they have nothing useful to say but will spend hours telling you that. Politicians have the ability to stretch the truth about matters of interest so that it suits their purpose. Often times this leads to half truths or fabrications of the truth.

The next people that use the free speech right to their benefit are the host of political talk shows. If you are a democrat you you hate one if you are a republican you hate the other. What scares me is that anyone believes them at all. They spout their views and people take it a gospel. it doesn't matter to them who is hurt by their bias and hateful drivel.

Then we have the Guru's. these are the people who have none little or nothing in life as they have spent most of it in school learning about a subject and now feel they are experts in the field. A good example of this might be Global Warming. It makes sense that what man has done to the earth has had an effect on the planet and the ozone. Using scare tactics to get a point across is by far the best method of getting heard on the subject. It doesn't matter that there is still no actual proof of the causes for the change in climate in many areas of the world.

For my money the worst offender of the right to free speech is the world press. I'm referring to the newspapers, Television, Radio and news magazines. It is not so much the half truths, and prying that bother me it is that when they get on a subject it takes a month to get off it.

The war in Iraq has all but been shoved to the middle pages of the newspaper. The Afghanistan War has now become a battle of how many troops are going and for how long. The fact that men and women are dying over there is not front page anymore.

Television programs are being exempted so that we can see and hear a news conference from the president. when the speech is over the news people spend an additional half hour deciding if he actually said anything. Depending on which network you listen to you will get the democrat or republican view.

Celebrities are made up of stars and starlets, sports figures, money moguls, TV personalities. These people live in glass houses. Make one mistake and the paparazzi will tear your life apart. if you have sinned, stolen, been involved in any nefarious venture you will be crucified for weeks on the air and in print.

The current item of interest is Tiger Woods. Here is a man that has done so much good in the world by using his name to raise money for any number of projects. He has a foundation built to help children all over the world. There are other celebrities that have done the same. These great and good jesters get one day at best in the news, a passing sound bite.

The good news is that in the small towns and cities across this great nation of America there are still editors of newspapers that fill their paper with local good news more than bad. They hi-lite the youth activities, sports achievements, communities activities and news of local interest. The sensational news of the world they leave to others.

It is refreshing to go to the coffee shop and hear talk of what the local sports teams have done, who got married, new people or business in town, or even a jab at a golf score. If you mention something about one of the sensational stories you will likely get little or no response because to these people it is not of interest.

Yes freedom of speech is a great thing, but with it comes responsibility. You still can't holler fire in a crowded theater, and before you say anything about anything get your facts straight. A wise man once said "Choose softly what you say for you may have to eat those words someday.'