What are Free Standing Closets

You can find free standing closets and wardrobes in several different styles. We will briefly go over the different set ups that are available and which you may run across to help you establish which storage cabinet will best fit your room or home organization needs. One thing you should know though is that regardless of the differences there is not much clarification on the differences between styles - in the name that is - so it is important that you are able to see pictures if you intend on purchasing a free standing wardrobe. This will ensure you are getting just what you are looking for.

Single rod portable closet

Home Essentials Free-standing closet

Simple, Small and Portable - these are often times constructed of hard plastic, steel and resin, wood or aluminum. These home organizers are basically small portable closets that extend between 3 and 6 feet wide and approximately 5.5 to 6 feet tall. Often times these are the smallest and least sturdy options available on the market therefore making them the cheapest as well averaging around $30 to $50. These can be great for those needing just a little extra closet or storage space and are usually easy to move because of the addition of wheels.

medium freestanding closet with doors black

medium freestanding closet with doors white (35240)

Medium Sized Free Standing Closets with Doors. These cabinets are often larger in size than the storage shelves that contain wheels and provide a sturdier more furniture like appearance. These freestanding closets feature 2 doors that allow you to conceal the items stored inside making it ideal for any room in the house and perfect for use as a home organizer. The cost for a typical medium sized two door closet system is between $150 and $500.

Larger Wardrobe Style Free Standing Closet Home Organizers

Fleetwood 5 shelf wardrobe

The larger wardrobe organizers are great for home, work site, home office and schools. These offer a convenient place to store coats or even a couple changes of clothing and many other important necessities or other items that just require storage. As you can see in the picture above you could easily organize paperwork, clothes, linens, toys, projects or a number of other items.

The one featured above is a Fleetwood Wardrobe which gives the user 5 adjustable shelves, hanging rack, double doors, solid construction and a mirror for last minute face and or hair checks. As you can see any number of things could be placed on the shelves making it a great accessory for any room in the house and pleasing to the eye as well.

These larger closet units can range from $400 to $2,000 with a little leeway on both ends. Though the price tag is often higher the quality, construction, size, appeal and design are often more usable, desired and lasting than a lot of the others offered.

How Can You use Free Standing Closets as Home Organizers

A free standing closet does not have to be used merely to store clothes. Depending on the style that you get it can often be used in several different ways to help organize different areas of your home. The organization ideas below are more detailed for freestanding closets that contain shelving areas.

Bedroom - It's most obvious uses are to store every day clothing that does not fit in your built in closet space. However, it can also be used to store coats, seasonal clothing (so it isn't taking up room in the main closet), blankets, sheets, other bed linens, accessories (hats, ties, jewelry etc). For units that provide shelving options (many have shelving options that can be added or purchased separately to use with your closet organizing system) you can then store a far broader array of items including paperwork, shoes, shoe boxes, keepsake photo's and nearly anything else you can imagine.

Laundry room - In the laundry room these can make the process of clothes washing a little easier and more organized. Simply pull items from the drying and hang directly onto the racks. This way there is no more battle over who has to fold and hang the clothes - no need for that when hanging them right there is so easy. You can also store misc. laundry related items on the floor or shelves i.e. detergent, softener sheets and so on.

Living Room - Use this to store misc. items such as knick knacks, movies, dvd's, cd's, extra sofa covers and or cushions, wraps for those cold evenings at home watching tv and more.

Shopping for a Free Standing Closet or Wardrobe

These home organizers can be found at a wide variety of stores such as WalMart, FredMeyer, Amazon and any number of furniture stores. If you are looking for quality then stores such WalMart are not likely where you will find it. The prices are lower but so is the quality, durability and selection in stores like that. For sturdy, well covered (against damage) purchases check out respected furniture stores and Amazon. Both can offer a greater selection and more coverage on your purchase of free standing closets.