One of the nicest things you can do for your home and your entry way is to buy a great standing coat rack and incorporate it into your entry décor and interior design scheme.  While entry way closets are quite common in modern homes and architecture the free standing coat rack adds a punch of design and style to a home as well as a good deal of functionality as well.

Many big coats are not used on a daily basis.  Although in colder climates many people may wear a coat out of the house on a daily basis many people tend to have a few options and thus a coat closet or entry closet is perfect for these larger items.  The wooden or metal coat rack can not usually hold as many items as a full closet but it cam give easy access to smaller items that are used more frequently like light jackets or sweaters for use around the house.

Other Hall Tree Coat Rack Ideas

Slim Hall Tree Coat Rack In WoodIf you've got the room an even more decorative and functional alternative to entry way furniture also exists.  If you have the space and the money to buy an antique hall tree bench coat rack with shelf you should at least consider it.  These were much more common in older homes where entry closets were less common.  The antique style coat rack served a number of purposes like providing entry seating for putting shoes on and taking them off as well as storage under the bench for items like umbrellas, shoes, canes, hats, gloves or other outdoor accessories.

Many of these bench coat racks not only provided a place to hang your coats flush against the wall but also had an elevated shelf above the bench which could be used for more storage, as a wall hat rack, or as a place to simply decorate with knick knacks.

Finding Affordable Coat Racks And Home Furnishings

Cheap Coat Rack In WoodIn years past an antique iron coat rack or a vintage hall tree with bench was normal but today many of these items are used more for interior design purposes first and function second.  As such many of these antique style items are a bit more expensive although they are usually of the highest quality.  Modern home furnishings however don’t all have to be about design. You can usually find quality pieces of these vintage stylings as well as cheaper functional alternatives for less if you are a smart and diligent shopper.

Online retailers almost always have an edge over traditional stores because they are able to better inventory larger quantities of options while also keeping costs lower on the whole.  Because there are often less overhead costs associated with online retailing many merchants can drive prices lower and show comparison shopping prices at the same time so you know what price is the best.

Metal Coat Rack With Umbrella StandAmazon for instance is one very large online retailer which has more products than you can imagine.  Whether you are looking for a cheap set of cubicle coat hooks for your work, a commercial rolling coat rack for your business, or a highly decorative antique hall tree coat rack for your entry way you can usually see a lot of options side by side to compare features, dimensions, and price.

Stores like Amazon also have excellent deals on all other types of furniture which is often a product type that people do not usually associate with the mega retailer.  Looking for a wood magazine rack for your living room or maybe a metal magazine rack for your bath?  There are plenty of options for these types of products and many others online as well.

Brown Metal Coat Stand With Umbrella BasketThe bottom line is that free standing coat racks can be both attractive by design with an emphasis on quality of craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal or they can be designed to serve a simple purpose above all.  Small standing coat racks may not be able to hold as many items as their larger and more attractive cousins but they are cheaper and serve their purpose nicely. 

Spend some time deciding what exactly you want to accomplish with a coat rack around the home.  If it’s for the entry you may want it to be more functional, but if it’s in a living room you may want something more decorative, and then spend some time looking for options on Amazon.  You may not end up buying from them but the information you glean from their catalogue of products may make shopping in stores like Target a little more productive.