Do you want to have the beauty and warmth of a fireplace but your home does not have one installed? Are you too busy to oversee let alone do a mini renovation?

If these are the things preventing you from having a nice cozy fire whenever you want, then all you need are free standing fireplaces. These things are very convenient especially to those who do not want to do all the constructing and redecorating.

They work just like a normal fireplace and could look just like a built-in one, too. Free standing fireplaces come in a huge variety of designs so consumers could have an easier time matching it with their home's interior decoration.

They not only serve as a source of heat on cold nights, they also can be the focal point of a room – or rooms. Since these are portable, they can be moved from one room to another, wherever heat is needed.

For those who also want the smell of burning log when sitting in front of a fire, this is not the choice. Because these fireplaces are moveable, they do not come with a chimney, which is needed when smoke is involved.

The plus side of is that they are zero clearance, meaning they do not produce ashes or smoke when burning. This reduces cleanup time and costs significantly. These can be powered by electricity and gas; there also are environment friendly ones fueled with bio-fuel.

Not only can people have the heat they need, they could also not harm nature at the same time. Free standing fireplaces can cost around $1500 upwards.

They come in various shapes and sizes from traditional-looking ones that could be leaned against a wall to look built-in to modern ones that can spruce up the feel of a home.