Free Starbucks Coupons and Promotions

If you need a cup of coffee and you do not want to pay full price, then here is how you can get free Starbucks coupons and coffee.

Starbucks coffeehouses dot the landscape of the United States. They can be found in strip malls, bookstores, and hotels all across the country. It is not uncommon to find people walking about holding onto their plastic or styrofoam cups of hot or cold coffee.

Frappacinos, lattes, coffee, decaf, fully caffinated-any way you like your coffee (and even tea), this place has the beverage for you.

Free coupons are hard to find, but at times they are available.

Starbucks Card Rewards

If you ago to the Starbucks website, you can register your gift card online for free. Their reward system works like this:

Each visit equals one star. After five stars, you are entitled to certain freebies such as:

Free flavored syrups and milk options such as soy

Free refills on brewed coffee and tea

Free tall (12 fl oz) beverage with one pound of whole bean coffee purchase

Special exclusive offers and coupons

In addition, all card holders receive a free handcrafted birthday beverage of their choice.

Coupons for StarbucksCredit:

Starbucks Online Account

When you go to the Starbucks website and create and account, you can sign up for promotional offers to be mailed directly to your inbox. These online printable offers can potentially be for free beverages.

Barnes and Noble

Starbucks are found in many Barnes and Noble bookstores around the country. One way to get free coupons and coffee is to become a member of Barnes and Noble. These memberships entitle the cardholders to discounts throughout the store on books, CDs and DVDs. It also entitles them access to online printable coupons for free Starbucks coffee. Many times there will be coupons offers like "Buy One, Get One Free."

Don't think that just anyone can just print a coupon and get free Starbucks at Barnes and Noble. You will need to show your membership card to the barista in order to redeem the coupon. If you are a member, know that the free coffee offer can only be redeemed once during the promotional period.

Grocery Coupons

Starbucks coupons for coffee brewed at home and sold in grocery stores and Target can be found in your Sunday circulars. Simply clip the Starbucks coupons and bring them to the store so you can drink your favorite beverage for less. Then you can enjoy your cup of coffee anytime!

Using these strategies for getting free Starbucks coffee and coupons, you can have your favorite cup of joe for less!

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