The free image meta search of Bad Neighborhood brings the command of search engine giant Google and the OR operator together to enable visitors to search for multiple free stock photo sites simultaneously. You have to remember, though, that all the free stock photo sites searched using this process have their own terms and conditions for utilizing their photos, and it is important that you check the guidelines prior to utilizing any of them. In this article, we are going to talk about the various websites listed on this SEO tool (the link is at the end of the article).

Free Stock Photo Sites – Every Stock Photo

You can look at the license of an image by clicking the "license" icon on the lower left side of the image. All the photos indexed on this website have specific licenses and majority of them can, under certain conditions, be used for free. Before using any of the images, the user is responsible for checking out the free stock photo sites that are hosting those pictures and reviewing the license agreement there. You need to know that there are particular issues about pictures of people (particularly kids), as well as trademarks and landmarks. The website only list images that have free license, and so you can't purchase them, but if want to purchase the images for usage outside the license, or for special purposes, you can get in touch with the photographer of the picture. Every Stock Photo, on the other hand, do index images from (their partner), which have a wide range of royalty-free images that are up for sale.

Free Stock Photo Sites – Stock Xchng

You can utilize the photos in their website for multimedia presentations and video and film broadcasts, as electronic format on your web page, and for your cell phone. You can also use them in newspapers, magazines, CD/DVD covers, flyers, brochures and in other printed advertising materials, as well as in letterheads and business cards' corporate identity, and as home or office decoration.

On the other hand, images on free stock photo sites may not be utilized to promote a product or service (if it shows a person); for logo, trademark and service mark purposes; for pornographic, immoral and illegal purposes; to spread discrimination or hatred; or to victimize or defame other people, cultures and societies. They may not also be used in such a manner that it would give the website or the individual(s) shown on the photo a bad name, as well as to sell and redistribute the photos (separately or together with other photos).

If you want to use the photos on free stock photo sites to make printed copies, or to include in items like t-shirts, mugs, postcards, etc., or as templates on websites that you plan on selling or distributing, then you need to ask the photographer of the image that you intend to use for permission.

Free Stock Photo Sites – Morgue File

In order for people who utilize the free images section to download images to avoid getting confused, only the licensed Morgue File applies. Don't upload your images to that section if you don't find the terms and conditions agreeable. You may utilize your portfolio to upload pictures which are not licensed-protected by Morgue File. In terms of the photos in your portfolio, you can choose from various licenses, or select "all rights reserved" (or no license). You can even make your images available to the public. On the other hand, the free images section found on free stock photo sites is just for images released under the license of Morgue File.

If the person or subject seen in the image is copyright-protected, or if the person or product is recognizable, then the license of Morgue File is insufficient on its own. You would have to obtain releases for that image from the creator.

Free Stock Photo Sites – Image After

With Image After, you can do modifications on the photos and textures based on your taste and preference. You can even utilize their photos and textures for personal and commercial purposes, as well as sell or redistribute them, either in altered or unaltered state, as posters, banners, postcards, CD covers, etc., but you cannot redistribute their photos/textures in resource websites that is similar to what Image After or other free stock photo sites is offering.

Free Stock Photo Sites – Photogen

You may utilize images from free stock photo sites for newspapers, magazines, books, flyers, brochures, CD or DVD covers and other printed advertising materials, as well as in an editorial context like making use of the image to illustrate, describe or comment on. They can also be used in electronic format on web pages, video and film broadcasts, multimedia presentations and cell phones, and together with your company's business cards, stationeries or letterheads, and as home or office decoration.

You can modify the photos to suit your needs, but they are still subjected to the license, despite of the amount of modifications made. The work done with the image should only be utilized by yourself and not to be shared with anyone else.

You should not utilize images found in free stock photo sites as part of your logo, trademark or service mark, or in templates of websites that you plan on selling or distributing. They must also not be used to create printed copies that you plan to sell like in t-shirts, mugs, postcards, etc., as well as for immoral, pornographic and illegal purposes, and to spread discrimination or hate, or to victimize or defame other individuals, cultures or societies. Using it in such a way that it would ruin the reputation of the website or the person(s) in question is also prohibited.

Free Stock Photo Sites – FreeDigitalPhotos

If you would be using the photo's free version, you should acknowledge the website (Free Digital Photos) and the creator of the image. This is compulsory and establishes the user agreement's part, but acknowledgment is not obligatory if you buy the photo.

You can use free stock photo sites' images to illustrate or decorate most forms of media, or use them for personal, education and corporate work, and these apply to both paid and free versions. The images, however, may not be utilized as a corporate identity, logo or trademark, or utilized on goods where the photo is the only reason why a consumer would purchase them.

Free Stock Photo Sites – Public Domain Photos

All the images listed on this website can be used for personal and commercial purposes; however, you have to be cautious in case some images contain products and logos as you can get sued for utilizing a person's trademark for commercial use. So, there you have it.


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