Many people know that there are tons of ways to get free stuff online. No surveys to take are typically the only requirement when wanting to receive something free from companies.

 Let’s face it, surveys can be a pain to take even to get things for no cost. But there is a ton of ways to get free stuff online without having to answer personal questions. The purpose of a survey isn’t always honest and forthcoming either.

 Sometimes answering a bunch of questions about yourself is just a way for a company to get information about you that you might not have provided if the promise to get something for free was never there, like income, ethnic background etc.

The risk of filling out a questionnaire for no cost products are actually rather evident when you get repeated calls for other products you don’t want or worse yet, you get on a mailing list of another company. The fact of the matter is that your personal information could be sold, all for just a free product and a survey.

Thankfully you can get free things from companies without answering survey questions. But in this life, nothing comes free; you will have to provide of course your mailing address and even a telephone number. The mailing address in this case is an obvious need. You’ll need to provide it in order to get something free in return. A telephone number in most circumstances is optional.

Ways to Get Free Things from Companies without Surveys:

  • Join a Companies Facebook Page and Follow Them on Twitter: This is one of the easiest ways to get in on free promotional offers that aren’t scams. They are coming directly from the company. If the products that you like are seasonal, such as things tied to winter or summer, you’ll need to follow that company closely during the start of those seasons as that is when they typically provide promotional things for free. Again, though you may not have to answer a survey, in most cases you won’t, you will have to provide contact information and maybe even a phone number.
  • Call The Company’s Toll Free Number and Ask For Free Products: You can easily call your favorite company’s 800 number and request free samples. Typically the operator is happy to provide them along with coupons in the mail.
  • Go to The Company’s Website: Visit your company’s website. You’ll probably want to go to the parent company as well as the brand name website, for example if you want free Crest toothpaste, you might want to try both the Crest toothpaste website and Proctor and Gamble’s website.
  • Join Large Groups like Meetup Focused on Your Favorite Brand: Did you know that companies actually approach large groups online, like product or service Meetup groups and provide free promotional offers and gifts. The idea is that by doing this a company reinforces their brand and market reach.
  • Speak Up If You Have a Bad Experience with Your Favorite Brand: If something doesn’t go well or you have a bad experience with a company, remember to speak up. Complaint letters for free things are powerful. You’ll want to go online and contact the company to get a person who is in charge of complaints along with their title and address. Companies hate to make customers angry and will do almost anything to appease you, including providing free products and free coupons.

So there you have it, ways to get free stuff online, no survey’s required.