Most people don't realize that you can get free tanning lotion samples and save a bunch of money in the process. Depending on how often you hit the tanning bed or the natural Sun, you could actually end up saving quite a bit of cash, considering the average bottle of tanning lotion costs at least $15 in my area.

Getting your hands on free samples of tanning lotion isn't difficult, if you know how to do it. Sure, you will need to be frugal and unashamed to take advantage of handouts, but if you can live with this (I can, but I'm super cheap) you can literally cut your tanning lotion bill out of your budget for good.

Where To Find Free Tanning Lotion Samples

There are several places I've found free samples, here are just a few of them. Try them out yourself and see what works best for you:

Tanning Salons or Gyms with Tanning Beds. These companies make quite a bit of money off selling these products, and their margins are so high (often at least an 80 percent markup) that they can afford to "get you hooked" on a particular brand. You'll need to use your haggling skills, but if you can convince the counter workers that you're on the fence about a couple of brands, they'll likely give you plenty of samples of each with the idea that once you find the one you like, you'll come back to buy more. They don't have to know that you won't!

Trade Shows. My medium-sized city has about a billion health and fitness trade shows each year, and at least two or three per month. They aren't always advertised very well, as the majority of them are catered to industry insiders, so I wouldn't recommend showing up looking and acting like a basic customer, because you might get some dirty looks. So throw on a nice outfit, stand up straight and meander around as if you own your own health business. Trust me, if you're confident enough, nobody will bug you about anything. But the point is that all of these companies hand out free samples like candy. So fill your bag with as many as you can, then hit up the next trade show when you run low.

Specialty Stores. Find a store that specializes in health and fitness products, then stop in to "compare" different brands. As long as you look like you're seriously contemplating several different brands, you'll likely catch the eye of a commissioned sales person. These guys are given plenty of samples to use as tools, and when faced with the opportunity to earn a customer, they'll bend over backwards to put free tanning lotion samples in your hand. A nice touch is to ask for his or her business card, that will really get them salivating. This works well for tanning lotion for men or tanning lotion for women.

Go Online. If you go straight to the manufacturer's websites, they might be offering free samples through the mail. I have friends who have scored gobs of free samples this way. Simply track down the home page of your favorite brand and see what they can do for you.

So there you have it, a handful of easy ways to score free tanning lotion samples without breaking a sweat.