Did you know that you can get free tax preparation and advice if your are in the low-income bracket, or if you are elderly, disabled, or in the military. It is the first of the year and everybody and their grandmother is preparing for the next tax season. Some of us are anticipating a nice check back, and others of us are dreading it. What every side of the end you are on doesn’t matter, we all have to deal with filling out our income taxes by the 15th of April. Some people have been hit hard with some pretty big blows in the pocketbook lately, and the expense of getting income tax preparation done is just one more bill to pay. If you find that it is out of your price range to get your taxes prepared and you fit certain criteria, then you just might be in luck with some free assistance. The Internal Revenue Service provides grants and volunteers to help you with these issues.

One such organization is known as VITA. VITA stands for the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program. The IRS trains and certifies volunteers to help prepare income taxes for certain people who meet their criteria through their program. These volunteers can help with special tax credits that can be confusing for some people. Some of these special tax credits can include the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and Credit for the Elderly and Disabled. This free tax program not only assist with tax preparation, but in some instances, they will also provide filing services as well. This service is offered by electronic filing or e-filing. If this service is taken advantage of those recipients can receive their taxes in half of the time as the traditional snail mail. If you have direct deposit, you can expect to receive them even faster. VITA services can usually be found at local libraries, community centers, schools, and various other locations. To find a center in your area call 1.800.906.9887.


Another service offered through the Internal Revenue Service is known as the TCE Program. This is a Tax Counseling Service for the Elderly. They will provide advice and basic tax preparation for the low-income, but their concentration is focused on those that are 60 and older. The AARP is sponsored by the IRS to help in this free tax service. They have center locations nationwide. Their volunteers are often retired individuals that are part of nonprofit organizations. They are trained and certified through the IRS too. For more information about this service call 1.800.829.1040

Military personnel have access to VITA programs as well as AFTC, or Armed Forces Tax Council. This organizations provide free tax assistance to those who serve. They deal will special tax considerations that are only indigenous to the military.

For those individuals that fall within these guidelines free tax help is available. For more information go to the Internal Revenue Service website to receive specific details on these services. Remember that when you seek out this free tax assistance to carry all necessary documents with you including bank routing information for faster service. For the rest of us, there is always Turbo Tax products.

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